January 01 2012

What is The RedLine? Simply enough, it is Patra’s new blog focused on sharing insights, thoughts and management anecdotes that might help an agency get the most out of their back office through outsourcing and managed services. We’ve named it The RedLine to reference that point at which an engine is working it’s hardest – getting the most out of every movement and turning potential energy into energy that’s kinetic and powerful. We hope some of the stories and ideas we share will help you get the most out of your agency.

We’ve been asked many times why the image we use on our website, our presentations and our collateral is a red formula one car. The red part is easy, it’s Patra’s color!  But the race car has a deeper meaning that we’re always happy to talk about.

The real story is that the image isn’t just about the race car, it’s about the team- from the driver to the pit crew- that makes success possible. Patra’s role is to serve agency leaders and staff by allowing you to focus on where you’re going. There’s enough going on with your business that you shouldn’t be worried about errors on certs or endorsements, checking policies or running reports. The confidence of having a strong team, backed with experience and expertise (and our own E&O) will allow you to concentrate on winning new business, retaining your customers and supporting your own staff.

There’s another reason the race car has stuck. We’d previously written about the book, “Doing What Matters” by Jim Kilts. Our favorite passage is:

“A company must function like a finely tuned engine of a racecar. It must not only have all the right components – injectors, valves, pistons, and the like – but each element must also be connected with all the others, and the timing and movement of all components must be absolutely in synch. Even the slightest miss in timing will result in poor performance.”– Jim Kilts

Wow. After reading that, could we even consider using anything but a red race car?