February 23 2016

How long have you worked at Patra and how has your role changed over time? 

“I’ve been with Patra for almost six years. I started as a client consultant and I still handle a full plate of clients, but I’ve moved into a role of Senior Manager, helping our veteran client consultants and mentoring the newer staff. It was a natural progression. I also manage most of Patra’s non-retail customers, so if any of the other consultants have a client whose service they don’t know how to roll out, I help them or take it on and manage it myself.

“Every day is different but it’s the same in the sense that I always want to create a new process and get it started. We’ll develop the workflow and get a team trained and we just go! The job has changed a lot because we’re becoming more consultative and less like account managers. Now we’re more in charge of establishing and sharing the best practices we’ve developed over ten years of processing for insurance agencies. If I see something that can be done more effectively, I’ll do a process review and make recommendations to the customer. I can say, ‘I have suggestions to improve this process, therefore the time it takes to complete it is going to improve and your bill is going to go down.’ So rather than just doing what the customer asked the way they asked us to do it,we’re focusing on best practices.”

How would you define your role as a senior manager?

“I have a pod of five client consultants, an associate, one US QA associate, and now the Employee Benefits division! As their manager, I’m in charge of strategic counsel, so when the client consultants on my pod have questions, I give them counsel and advice. I’m in charge of customer satisfaction, so I ensure our customers are happy and that we’re always finding ways to make them happier. I also oversee team member performance, so I make sure that they’re working efficiently, that they like their job, and that their accounts are growing. It’s still new so this might evolve and then I’d have to tell you more about it later!”

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

“There are so many things! I love working from home because I have a one-and-a-half-year-old daughter and it’s so nice to turn my computer off for the day and immediately go play with her. It’s the best. It’s a very personally rewarding thing.

“Professionally, I love so much to be able to see how different agencies work and talk to the everyone from the C-level to account staff in the organizations. I’m learning something new every single day. I’m a people-pleaser so if my customers are happy, that means I’m doing a really good job. When I hear from one of my customers that they didn’t have to hire eight people because we’re doing that work at a reduced rate, and they’re able to grow their business and hire other people to do higher level work, I
feel so rewarded. And I get to work with India! I love India and our India teams. I get to have great relationships with people around the world.”

What is the hardest thing about your job?

“Working from home! I love people and I’m a people person, so I get a little lonely. I’m also a bit of a workaholic so I work too many hours since I’m home. We’re a 24-hour company so I’m always on my phone and always sending messages. But that’s my personality, too – I want to respond and get things done.”

What are your specialties?

“I’m the non-retail practice area leader, and I love it. I get to work with so many different programs. For example, I have a new one that’s scaffolding and crane rentals. It’s so much fun to learn about the different aspects of that industry! Another one is just golf clubs and country clubs. I like that. It’s fun and different. There are infinite possibilities for growth.”