Thinking of choosing a processing partner? Here are some things to consider before you make the decision.

August 10 2017

Agencies across the country have found that process outsourcing can help them be more efficient, grow faster and get more out of their agency management system investments. Insurance agency consultants and insurance media have done a great job of documenting the success of agencies that consolidate workflows and process with a partner.

But finding a processing partner is not easy. In our experience, agencies that take the time to do their due diligence before choosing a partner find success much sooner than those that haven’t. Much of the important work of finding a partner happens before any vendors are met with.

The first questions to be answered should address “Why are we looking for a processing partner and what will success look like?” With those answers in mind, it’s much easier to create a report card on which to grade partners.

Patra Senior Director, Jayme Beals, wrote an article for to help agencies ask the right questions. We’ve updated that article and created a white paper. Click to read about six easy things an agency can do BEFORE choosing a partner to forego headaches and ensure a smooth implementation and easy transition. Check out the original article or view and download our white paper.