Patra Select

September 07 2017

How many times have you said to yourself: “This small account is as much work as our larger accounts.” 

Small accounts, those that bring in low revenue but require a lot of work, can be some of the biggest drains on profitability and productivity – it’s counterintuitive, but nearly anyone who has worked in client service knows this is true. When our clients hire account managers, it’s only natural that they look for people who provide top-level service to every client regardless of the size of the account. The flip-side is that something usually has to give; account managers won’t sacrifice service, which means it’s usually productivity and profitability that take a hit. 

It’s tough to predict which accounts will require a disproportionate amount of attention from account managers, and it obviously doesn’t make great business sense to turn down new clients. Patra has an answer to this dilemma and it’s revolutionizing the way agencies handle small accounts: It’s called Patra Select.

Patra Select takes the guesswork, unprofitability and inefficiency out of small accounts by managing them seamlessly on our clients’ behalf. This takes the weight off the account managers’ shoulders and gives them the bandwidth to redirect focus toward middle and large commercial accounts. In most cases, once Patra takes the reins on small accounts, staff can be reassigned to more profitable clients.

You might be asking, “How does subcontracting magically make my small accounts profitable?” It’s not magic – we’ve just been doing this for a while and our knowledge and efficiencies have made us really good at it!

The Patra Select structure allows Patra to manage the same number of accounts using fewer people, with the same high levels of service your customers are used to. That’s because our account managers are completely focused on client support and direct service; they aren’t bogged down by data entry or processing – those tasks are handled behind the scenes by Patra’s processing team.

Patra has implemented several layers of leadership and support to increase accuracy and efficiency. Every member of our team has been an account manager. Who’s better to lead than someone who’s been there before? They use their experience to actively engage with account managers to coach them on the best ways to solve a problem, and can adjust and distribute workflows as necessary and ensure everything continues to run smoothly.

Trusting an outside partner can be a difficult decision to make. We’re here to make it easy from the very beginning. We make sure there’s a high comfort level and we involve our clients in the entire interview process when we hire new account managers. It’s standard practice for us to interview qualified candidates that our clients recommend to us in addition to our own candidates.

Our clients receive a high level of quality and accountability. We work closely with our more than 90 account managers to ensure quality and service levels. Our team leads and our management team actively check in with the account staff to make sure things are going well. This hands-on practice enables us to identify what pain points exist and improve processes to proactively redistribute workload and workflow. Each of our clients receives a detailed monthly recap of all activity, including new business, available renewals and renewed policies.

We get it – every account deserves the same excellent level of service but it’s difficult to balance service with efficiency on small accounts. That’s why we developed Patra Select – to give our clients that efficiency even as they maintain that superior level of service. We get great feedback from our clients all the time as they’re freed up to focus on their real revenue drivers. So if you’ve been struggling to keep up with your small accounts, give Patra Select a shot – you’ll wonder how you ever lived without us.