September 7, 2017

Patra Select

Patra Select September 07 2017 How many times have you said to yourself: “This small account is as much work as our larger accounts.”  Small accounts, those that bring in low revenue but require a lot of work, can be some of the biggest drains on profitability and productivity – it’s counterintuitive, but nearly anyone who
Patra Opens New Headquarters in El Dorado Hills, CA September 01 2017 Have you ever dreamed of working from home? With a commute from the bedroom to the home office, there are few distractions to interrupt your workflow and you’ll never have to take off your slippers. For Patra employees, that isn’t a dream – most
August 28, 2017

Patra Proud

Patra Proud August 28 2017 What is Patra proud of? Lots of things, especially the work we do for our clients and the environment we’ve created for our employees. We’re exceptionally proud of the work we do to support the military families who regularly make sacrifices to protect and serve our country. In fact, when we
Home Blog Thinking of choosing a processing partner? Here are some things to consider before you make the decision Thinking of choosing a processing partner? Here are some things to consider before you make the decision. August 10 2017 Agencies across the country have found that process outsourcing can help them be more efficient, grow faster and
Home Blog Introducing Patra Select for Benefits- An Interview with Jessica Casteel INTRODUCING PATRA SELECT FOR BENEFITS- AN INTERVIEW WITH JESSICA CASTEEL March 06 2017 Can you describe the Patra Select Benefits model? “Patra Select Benefits manages small group accounts that our retail broker clients are struggling to make profitable. We work with our brokers to
Home Blog Non-retail service spotlight – submissions NON-RETAIL SERVICE SPOTLIGHT – SUBMISSIONS February 17 2017 How does the submission service work? “When MGAs, carriers and wholesalers receive submissions from agencies, we assist them with that process. For example, an agency puts together a submission which includes an ACORD form, any supplemental applications, loss runs and a
Home Blog Patra employee profile of Tonya Dowell PATRA EMPLOYEE PROFILE OF TONYA DOWELL February 01 2017 How long have you worked at Patra and how did you come to join the company? “It will be 3 years in May. I found out about Patra the same way I discovered the insurance industry – I was
Home Blog Retail service spotlight – Loss Runs RETAIL SERVICE SPOTLIGHT – LOSS RUNS January 11 2017 What agency pain points can Patra’s loss runs service address? “Typically, loss runs are pulled for three different reasons. The first is in preparation for a renewal. One of the account manager’s needs is to have the loss runs
Home Blog Patra’s small accounts managed service PATRA’S SMALL ACCOUNTS MANAGED SERVICE December 15 2016 Why Small Accounts “Small accounts drive less than 20% of my income, but account for 80% of my account volume.” “I can’t give my largest accounts the resources they need because I have to spend too much time servicing small accounts.”
Home Blog Supporting underwriters SUPPORTING UNDERWRITERS May 25 2016 Underwriting assistants are unsung heroes within many insurance organizations. The best UAs don’t simply enhance customer service, follow-up on vital tasks and help the underwriting department run smoothly. The best UAs, with training and experience, will eventually move into the underwriter role and provide even greater value