Empowering Independent Agencies

Patra Performance Services

Without the tools to compete with bigger, better-funded and better-staffed brokers, it’s becoming tougher for independent agencies to remain independent. The cost of acquiring and servicing a customer continues to rise. The pressure to sell to a big agency or join an aggregator/cluster results in constant stress for independent agents. Empowering small, independent agencies and helping them grow profitably while remaining independent is the reason Patra Performance was created.

Patra Performance is about access:

  • Access to markets that might not be an option for a smaller agency
  • Access to agency management system (AMS) solutions that create efficiency while saving time and money
  • Access to back-office processing and staff who are trained in industry best practices

Access to Technology

With more than ten years of working within nearly every agency management system in use, Patra staff have become experts at understanding which AMS works best for different types of agencies. We’ve developed workflows and processes that can help your agency get the most out of your existing AMS. In addition, Patra Performance offers agencies access to world-class management systems through our negotiated, formal relationships with a number of AMS providers.

Patra Performance also offers tools that grow an agency’s online presence, allowing your marketing efforts and website to better recruit customers by automating online lead generation, quoting and policy issuance.

Back Office Solutions

The growth challenge that many smaller, independent agencies face is finding the time to produce more. Research shows that in many smaller agencies, producers spend more than 45% of their time servicing existing business instead of shaking the trees in order to grow the top line. Patra Performance allows producers to hand off the servicing of accounts to Patra account managers. Patra Performance account managers are all agency veterans with years of experience of handling a wide variety of accounts and client needs. Each Patra account manager is supported by Patra’s extensive processing capabilities.

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