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Patra’s New Website: Updated Look, Sharper Focus

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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably noticed Patra’s new look and feel. As everyone in our industry understands, the insurance marketplace is ever-changing with new technologies, products and regulations that affect us all. In April of 2019, we launched our new website and made a strategic shift to reflect the change our customers are experiencing each and every day. But what you see on the site is only part of the story—we’d like to take this opportunity to give some more context to fill between the lines.

Patra has come a long way since our first certificate was issued (today, we’re the largest single issuer of agency certificates!). Undergoing transformation and change over the years, it became clear that our value to our customers evolved and we needed to recommunicate the Patra advantage in a new way.

Late last year we embarked on a journey to better understand our current role and position in the industry. By talking with customers, industry influencers, our staff and other key stakeholders, a new story began to emerge that defines not just the strength of our company but what differentiates us from others in our space. We saw that the value we bring to the insurance world centers around two key areas: how we improve the work that insurance professionals are executing, and what we use to empower them.

Through this discovery, our new positioning was born: Patra Powers Insurance Processes, Leveraging People and Technology.

You’ll notice this statement on our website today, but to give a more detailed picture of what it means to us, here’s how we define it:


Powering Insurance Processes

Powering insurance processes means providing insurance leaders a powerful and trusted partner who can be relied on to relieve the pressure that processing can put on an organization.

Our new positioning reminds us that everything we do—from specific outsourcing services and managed services, to call centers and technology platforms—enables insurance organizations to focus on what they do best: bring value to their customers, manage risk and provide peace of mind to individuals, families and businesses.


Leveraging People and Technology

Technology is only useful when it solves a business challenge. As InsurTech continues to change the way that insurance is distributed, we want to stress how important it is to find a partner who understands the insurance challenges that your firm faces. Patra has utilized technology—whether it’s creating our own with in-house developers or optimizing off-the-shelf InsurTech—to solve business challenges since our inception.

While technology is on the tip of all our tongues, we believe that insurance has always been, and will always be, a people industry. After all, insurance is there to protect the things we hold dearest. Our global workforce has been recognized as an innovator in training, workflow-building and collaboration. Because of this global network, our customers value the solutions we provide, the growth we enable and the value we build. Most of all, we’re told every day that it’s our people who make the difference, so we knew this piece had to be present in any new statement we made.

As you poke around on our new website, and admire our updated look, remember that we’re committed to powering the processes that drive insurance, and that we do it by leveraging the newest technology and some of the smartest people you’ll meet in insurance.