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Career Opportunities

Work for one of the top insurance processing companies in the industry.

Join Our Team

Patra’s most valuable assets are the talented people who choose to work with us. Superior employees are the keystone to the quality services we provide to our customers and the reason we continue to grow as a company. Opportunities for career growth, advanced training and licenses, a competitive benefits package and the opportunity to work from home are all some of the benefits that our staff enjoy.

Patra is proud to have been featured as one of the “top places to work in insurance” by Insurance Business America magazine. As an organization with a nationwide network of staff, predominantly working from home offices, it’s a compliment to be recognized as a leading employer. Using the latest telephony and video conferencing technology, as well as developing unique management tools, we’re proud of our low-turnover, high-performance staff.

We’re always looking for new insurance professionals to join us. If you’re one of the best, we invite you to explore our job openings and see if any opportunities look like a good fit.

Our Company Culture

Empowering Innovative Organizations

The companies that work with Patra have one thing in common- a desire to innovate and remain a leader. Their dedication, working with us to find better, more efficient and profitable ways of working, inspires us. Patra delivers shared experience, technology and workflow tools that address challenges facing the insurance industry and the roles played by carriers, brokers, MGAs and wholesalers.

One Global Patra

Patra believes that we are only as good as the professionals who deliver the services to our customers. Employing more than 3,200 globally, Patra is committed to providing our staff the industry’s most comprehensive training and continuing education while offering a competitive benefits package, comfortable working environment and growth opportunities.

Active in Our Communities

Corporate social responsibility is a keystone in Patra’s foundation. With a philanthropic organization dedicated to supporting military families, an employee giving campaign and an urging to our employees to be active members of their communities, Patra lives its commitment to being a global company with local action.

Leading the Industry

As insurance is constantly changing, to remain an industry leader it's important to be involved in the advocacy of our industry. Patra partners with influential organizations to drive innovation. By taking part in those conversations, we add our voice and help shape where the industry is heading.

Wondering if Patra is right for you?

Here are a few things to think about:

Not everyone can succeed in a work at home job, it takes a dedicated mindset, attention to detail and great self-discipline. At Patra, working from home doesn't mean you’re alone. We utilize robust virtual communication technology to connect our employees so that our work is shared and collaboration is seamless.
Patra staff must be fluent in many of the most popular insurance technologies, from image and document management software to the latest and greatest agency management systems.
Everyone at Patra is dedicated to supporting our customers so that they can support theirs. It’s vital that every Patra employee recognize that we’re not only representing Patra, but also representing our customers. We’re always on, always accountable, and always great to work with.
When you work from home you must have a great sense of humor, some creativity and be able to play well with others. From virtual water cooler meetings to fish-tank chats, we’re dedicated to keeping this a great place to work- Patra is a family of like-minded insurance professionals who love what we do.

What is it like working at Patra?

Jessica Caudle, our Director of Employee Benefits, breaks it down for job seekers.

Team Member Spotlight

Name: Neelima Khare

Role: Process Executive-3

Reason for Working at Patra:

"In the first two years I worked at Patra I went from a night shift trainee to a process executive. Patra provides a very positive atmosphere for its employees and endless opportunity to enhance our skills."

What One Patra Means to You:

"Patra provides a multicultural environment in which to work. We may be in various locations and work with different customers, but our regular calls and chats with employees from other global locations enables us to learn about different cultures and connects us as a team all working for the same company."

Team Member Spotlight

Name: Sree Tej Puli

Role: Team Leader

Reason for Working at Patra:

"I joined Patra immediately after graduation with many career aspirations. My hopes and dreams are now being fulfilled by the opportunities Patra has provided. Patra’s friendly management and supportive mentoring have helped me grow in every aspect of both my professional and personal life. Patra maintains a positive corporate culture with a backbone of ethical values and always makes its employees feel appreciated and supported. Managers are insightful and have a well-planned vision of upcoming projects, which in turn helps every individual grow in their career."

What One Patra Means to You:

"Patra offers many opportunities for us to work with people spread out across many geographical locations. Even though teams are numerous and widespread, we are all united in the work we do and our responsibility to accomplish Patra’s main task: satisfying our customers. It is always exciting to see Patra’s U.S. leadership team in our office as it reminds me that Patra is a growing, multi-national company for which I am proud to work."

Team Member Spotlight

Name: Matt Creith

Role: Implementation Consultant

Reason for Working at Patra:

"After over 10 years working on the agency side of the insurance world, I decided to shift gears and work for a company that is focused on streamlining services for agencies and brokers. Having worked with and been an early supporter of Patra on the agency side, I came to Patra with a unique perspective. Traveling around the country to visit potential and existing customers, while helping customers to be more client-facing, has been a very rewarding experience."

What One Patra Means to You:

"One Patra means supporting our customers in a global environment, but it has also become a mantra to support one another and be cheerleaders to lift everyone up."

Team Member Spotlight

Name: Kimberly Cybulski

Role: Operations Manager, Implementation

Reason for Working at Patra:

"Patra is a family focused company that encourages and supports personal & professional development."

What One Patra Means to You:

"TEAM!!! – our stateside and offshore teams blend together to form one solid unit of knowledge, strength and professionalism working together to achieve our goals."

Team Member Spotlight

Name: Ramoji Rao

Role: Team Leader

Reason for Working at Patra:

"The reason I work at Patra is because it enhances my professional growth. I began my career as a trainee and now I am a Team Leader. Along the way I always felt I had liberty to try new things. Patra stretched the scope of my job giving me the chance to try new things, like working on reports, answering emails or handling client phone calls. Unlike other companies, Patra recognized my efforts and hard work and helped me grow my job description. Patra motivates and supports all of its employees from junior to senior levels. I feel very comfortable working for Patra, as do many of my colleagues. Patra feels like a family more than a company."

What One Patra Means to You:

"One Patra means we are all on one team even though we may work for different branches or with different clients. We are a global company at our very best when we satisfy our clients with the work we do together."

Team Member Spotlight

Name: Indira Bala

Role: Process Executive-2

Reason for Working at Patra:

"I have many reasons for working at Patra. Patra has a very professional environment and its management team respects and recognizes every individual for their dedication and hard work, while providing equal opportunities for women. I have the opportunity to be an ambassador to the U.S. team through the Indian Ambassador’s Program. Because of Patra I have learned about U.S. culture and lifestyle. I don’t hesitate to say that other companies do not provide such amazing opportunities. I am proud to be part of the Patra family. Patra has helped me progress through my professional life in which I have explored and strengthened my skills and talents, and I have grown in my personal life based on the ethics and values I’ve learned from Patra."

What One Patra Means to You:

"Many miles and oceans between will not stop our creativity or innovation. One Patra is how we communicate, how we follow our morals and how we all work for the one unique purpose: to fully satisfy our clients."

Team Member Spotlight

Name: Cara Pfaff

Role: Team Lead, Employee Benefits OnDemand

Reason for Working at Patra:

"The opportunity to help clients of all types in the insurance industry streamline their back office, and allow their employees to focus on their customers. I love enabling these companies to have a broader impact because of our assistance. It truly is a team effort."

What One Patra Means to You:

"Patra is a community that stretches beyond the continental US. These strong teams and relationships we are building both onshore and internationally have created a community of people that support each other and as a result, we have been a successful resource to our clients and partners."


The Patra Difference

Best of the Best Colleagues

You will have the opportunity to work with a team comprised of the the best-of-the-best professionals who are recruited based on talent, not restricted by location. Your colleagues will have varied backgrounds and perspectives meaning you will have a robust and fulfilling experience working with them and learning from them.

Work/Life Balance

As many of our positions are filled by employees working from home offices, you won’t have to worry about traffic or long commutes to the office. As a result, many of our employees report a very positive feeling about their work/life balance.

Award Winning

2018 Insurance Business America Top Insurance Workplace
2017 & 2018 Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America

Patra Academy

Some Patra employees join us through Patra Academy, a training program we offer to develop new insurance professionals. Not everyone can join us with decades of experience!


Patra supplies all employees with modern office equipment and the latest telephony and video conferencing technology. This guarantees easy, efficient and seamless collaboration among colleagues.

Leading Innovation

Patra is a leading company in the industry, staying at the forefront of InsurTech innovation. Working with Patra means you are ahead of your industry colleagues in your work with automation, innovation and superior customer service.

Women Cultivating Confidence

Patra’s Women Cultivating Confidence (WCC) initiative creates professional and personal development opportunities for Patra employees. The program provides employees access to virtual summits, mentorship and a network focused on building confidence both professionally and personally.

Competitive Benefits

Patra offers a comprehensive employee benefits program to help employees stay healthy, feel secure, and maintain a work-life balance. Our benefits program includes:

  • Medical, Dental and Vision Care
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • 401(k) Plan with Match
  • Disability Insurance
  • Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Charitable Giving Match Program
  • Maternity and Paternity Benefits
  • Paid Time Off (PTO)