News | | Patra’s Sean Kennedy Named Top 10 Best CISOs of 2021

Patra’s Sean Kennedy Named Top 10 Best CISOs of 2021

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As featured in Industry Era

Pioneer of Stringent Security Measures

Sean Kennedy, CISO, Patra Corporation’s capacity to understand end-to-end system architecture has been critical to the organization’s success. With experience in the IT sector in insurance and finance spanning over 25 years, he can craft the vision and think strategically while still close enough to the technology to be hands-on with any system or equipment in the organization. He incorporates stringent security standards with creative solutions to keep the system agile and quickly adapt to unexpected challenges and new opportunities.

According to the steadfast security leader, phishing and ransomware are the most significant threat to Patra by far. They receive more than 100k emails daily, and it only takes one to cause a potential enterprise-ending event. Patra conducts ongoing security awareness training and phishing exercises throughout the year. “Employee knowledge is key to combating this threat. Technology doesn’t always catch the attacks that continue to get more sophisticated,” he says. “We have also put a large number of remote systems with thousands of endpoints, visibility is crucial. Patra has deployed multiple layers of monitoring, access control, enterprise endpoint protection, end-to-end VPN connectivity, and patch management systems.” Sean has also ensured to enhance the mobile device management systems.

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