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Beating the Insurance Talent Crisis

With global talent shortages reaching a 15-year high, 7 out of 10 employers worldwide struggle to find talent with the right mix of technical and human skills. According to the Big I Agency Universe Study, the top concern for insurance agencies in 2020 was finding and developing talent. That concern is something we hear every day.

The race for talent causes insurance organizations to compete not just with each other, but with “sexier” higher paying industries like technology and big data. With COVID changing the way we work, a proactive talent strategy should be on every insurance leader’s radar.  

In this webinar, you will learn how Patra helps agencies optimize their talent strategy and stay ahead of the competition. We discuss three ways your organization can do so:

  1. Restructure Workloads — Give your overworked team more work? That doesn’t make sense. In this section, we go over ways to organize workloads, so your team can handle a larger book without feeling the strain of additional work. 
  2. Make Work Meaningful — It’s not just millennials that want meaningful work. According to a recent Gallup survey, 80% of college educated Americans want to feel a connection between their work and their personal interests. We will share innovative ways to structure your book of business to suit your team’s personal and professional goals.  
  3. Embrace Remote Work — Two years into remote working and we have all learned one thing: our jobs can be done just as effectively from home as from the office. But are we really more productive? Or do we just think we are. Let’s look at third-party data to see what happens when you compare a fully remote, tech-enabled account manager to one in a traditional office environment. 

Ready to learn what it takes to find, develop, and retain talented personnel? Watch our webinar now!