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WEBINAR: The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Policy Checking

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The Benefits of Outsourcing your Policy Checking


Let’s be honest, policy checking is the task always put off for another day. And when the day finally arrives, that policy check is more of a policy glance. Those unopened policies sitting in email inboxes and those glances are potential E&O nightmares. Relieve your staff by outsourcing your policy checking. Taking this task off their to-do list will:
  • lighten their minds
  • give them time to focus on more time-sensitive tasks
  • reduce your risk
  • eliminate the word “backlog” from your vocabulary

Also enjoy a look inside the future of Patra’s policy checking solution with the integration of new technology and automation.

: Shannon Tiegs, Sales Solution Consultant

Shannon has worked in the industry for more than 27 years and has been a part of the Patra team since 2015. With deep P&C insurance industry experience, she focuses on helping acquire new business by providing expertise on their services, workflow details, and implementation processes to enhance the client experience.

Host: George Kucera, Vice President Product Management & Strategy

George Kucera joined Patra in late 2019 as VP of Product Management and Strategy.  A Silicon Valley native, George has worked in the software industry his entire career.  Before transitioning to product management in the mid-90s, he worked as lead developer and founder for several consumer software products.  As a product management leader, he has had the opportunity to work at places like Oracle, Hewlett Packard, Salesforce and PagerDuty.  George’s philosophy is strongly grounded in the Agile software development philosophy.