Insurance Printing & Mailing

Improve business productivity and efficiency with full-service printing, mailing, and document processing solutions.

Printing and Mailing with Patra

Patra combines its insurance industry expertise and print-mail proficiency to deliver a flexible and scalable solution designed to work in one unified workflow. Patra eliminates your need for any in-house or service team facilitation with our completely virtual print and mail solution options.

Patra Document

State-of-the-art equipment, seamless fulfillment.

Patra’s print, mail, and document processing services provide an integrated, cost-effective way to expedite certificates, letters, and other mailed communications. Patra will act as your in-house mailing department, managing inbound and outbound correspondence, adding the capability to scan and input documents to your systems.

Patra Document’s Print Shop includes state-of-the-art mail-processing and printing technologies and staff that understand that insurance documents are vital to the industry. We protect your data with comprehensive security and quality procedures, and we utilize high-speed, high-capacity equipment and sophisticated shipping software to reduce costs, automate tasks and allow your staff to focus on your key accounts. Our promise is quality printed materials, delivered on time.

Improving Productivity and Efficiency

Patra Document specializes in printing insurance documents associated with every phase of the policy lifecycle including, but not limited to: certificates, policies, invoices, statements, endorsements, notices of cancellation and reinstatement, evidence of insurance, claims checks, letters, reports, benefits brochures, flyers, and more.

Innovative Employee Benefits Packets

Patra's print-on-demand tools enable us to print branded company collateral including items such as employee benefits booklets, enrollment forms, and company handbooks that can be delivered to your account managers or directly to insureds. A variety of size, binding, and delivery options are available.

Return Mail Processing

Patra Document can manage both outbound and inbound correspondence. With return mail processing services, we can scan each piece of returned mail and file the correct documentation within your management systems. Depending on your needs, we can also flag, correct, and remove or update addresses within your account management systems.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Many customers are experiencing the power of Patra.

Patra’s Document Services team has provided exceptional service to our audit department. The team always provides quick responses and has been extremely flexible to accommodate our specific needs. We can always count on Patra to deliver fast and timely service!

Atlas General Insurance Services
Marina Torres | Loss Control/ Audit Supervisor

We are extremely satisfied with the services we receive from Patra Document Services-Print Shop. They offer prompt service and a competitive price – we truly enjoy doing business with the team!

Heffernan Insurance Brokers
Kim Roman | Director of Operations

For the past few years, we have worked with Patra to help us during our busy printing season. This past year, we started to use them more for our everyday printing needs. We find the team reliable, responsive, and committed to meeting our tight turnaround times. I consider them true business partners.

Woodruff Sawyer
Paty Peterson | Assistant Vice President - Facilities/Operations Manager

Patra Document Services is amazing! We submit our print jobs via e-mail which is very convenient. The response time is quick and your documents are shipped to the client’s location. The team takes pride in processing and goes above and beyond to make sure that it is perfect. The value of knowing that our order is processed with care, quickness and quality is unbeatable.

Pinnacle Brokers Insurance Solutions
Kelly Jones | Account Manager Employee Benefits

There are only two ways of doing business…before Patra and after Patra! Their customer service is always excellent and they get things done. We can relax knowing that once we request their services, we will receive very timely confirmation that our order has already been processed. Thank you, thank you!

Beecher Carlson
Judith L. Boich | Manager, Client Services

We’ve answered our most frequently asked questions from customers just like you.

Can I Utilize Patra Document Services Without Using Other Patra Services?

Whether you are a Patra Select or Patra OnDemand customer, or not a Patra customer at all, we can connect with your systems and create document solutions that meet your business needs.

How Do I Engage With Patra Document?

If you are not a Patra customer, please describe your project and your timeline in an email to Someone from our business team will respond to your inquiry. If you are already a Patra customer, speak with your Client Consultant or Account Manager to find out how to get started.


How Much Do Your Services Cost?

The cost for each project is determined by the type of print request and the volume. Our business team is always happy to provide a quote for your project and a proposed delivery date before you initiate a project.

Let us show you how Patra Document can make a difference.

Does your business print and/or mail high volumes of documents? Do you use a local printer? If so, Patra Document is for you. Patra’s expertise in the unique needs of insurance documents will improve your productivity and business efficiency.

  • Certificates/endorsements
  • Customer letters/mass mailings
  • Marketing brochures/tri-folds/fliers
  • Employee benefit kits
  • Company handbooks/policies
  • Laminated business cards/8.5X11” documents
  • Posters (up to 11X17")