Employee Benefits Services for Agencies

We are one of the insurance industry’s leading employee benefits (EB) services providers, and can take your insurance organization to the next level.

Patra’s services support your business at every stage of the EB renewal cycle.

Employee Benefits Lifecycle

Don't let Pre-Renewal

rob you of your productivity.

For many insurance organizations, pre-renewal is the busiest period of the year: gearing up for renewals requires pulling a variety of data, peer reviewing data for accuracy, and putting together policy comparisons and quotes. And all of this must be done despite constant interruptions.

Keep the full complement of your staff focused on critical tasks by allowing Patra to take on taxing manual processes.

We don't just push paper. Our staff are trained to analyze and interpret complex data and paperwork, such as proposals. You can trust us to take even the most challenging materials off your hands.

On top of our experience, we have an internal QA team focused solely on ensuring that work is completed accurately and efficiently. As a result, turnaround times are significantly reducedtypically only 24 to 48 hours.

Patra helps you stay focused on the Renewal process.

Patra can tame the fire hose of data your business is faced with, getting you the critical data and materials you need, when you need them.

How we can help:

  • Data Entry & Software Management: Patra has extensive experience with many of the most prominent HRIS solutions. We can enter data into the system, prepare employee portals for open enrollment, and also manage adds, changes, and applications.
  • Accuracy: Our internal QA team is specifically trained to quickly identify inaccuracies and flag them for review. We not only take over data entry and management needs, but also the burden of peer review as well.
  • Scalability: Your organization's needs change over time. The scale of your needs change as well. Patra is scalable: We can ramp in Q4 to help you tackle the most challenging times of the year, and then roll back as things slow down. You don't have to commit to a single level of service, year-round.
  • Turnaround: We recognize the need for speedy response. We can have employee portals set up and ready for customer use in only 5 days.

During Post-Renewal, we can keep your agency management system (AMS) up to date.

  • We know you've likely not had the time to manage your AMS. We can ensure that it's updated to accurately reflect your client's plans, rates, and estimated number of enrolled lives.
  • Our management services ensure that your carriers pay your commissions accurately and in fullmany agencies leave money on the table by not keeping accurate records.
  • We also offer billing reconciliation, comparing carrier invoices to reports from your employee navigator system to ensure the two are in agreement.
  • Audits are squarely in our wheelhouse. We can audit commissions, verify dependents, benefits administration, billing and eligibility audits—anything you don't have the time to check, let us handle it!
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Our Ongoing Client Management services keep your business running smoothly.

Every month, you receive commissions statements from your carriers running hundreds of pages long. We can handle monthly commission postings, uploading or manually entering them into your agency management or commission system according to your deadlines.

We set ourselves apart with our Eligibility Management services.

The most critical EB service we deliver during renewals is eligibility managementperhaps the most critical, time-consuming, and error-prone task.

Patra can not only fulfill eligibility management tasks, but take on the liability as well.

Our staff can remotely log in to your existing management system and manage enrollments, policy changes, terminations, and other changes. We also process paper and PDF applications as well, and enter the data into your system.

And we don't rely on you to ensure accuracy. We internally review all eligibility data we manage and update. We don't spot check. We double check everything. This has allowed us to maintain a 99.2% accuracy rate. We back this up by taking on the liability associated with our work with our own E&O coverage. Your business is fully protected.

With Patra, you can take your employee benefits organization to the next level.

Our EB services deliver a truly start-to-finish solution throughout the renewal cycle. Our eligibility management, software management, auditing, billing reconciliation and data entry services ensure that your business is maximizing its efficiency and profitability throughout the year.

Are you ready to find out how Patra can take your business to new levels of success?