Patra Direct Spotlight with Lacey Cenac

My name is Lacey Cenac. I’m the senior manager for Patra Direct and Patra Assist. Patra Direct is a call center, kind of service that we offer to really, all facets of the insurance industry.

Whether you need a sales team or a service team, Patra Direct can help. So Direct is different from other departments in Patra.

Let’s say On Demand, they’re gonna be processing high volume, high volume items. They’re not gonna be getting on the phone with our clients, insureds, and things like that. The agents in the US indirect are licensed.

We can we can have them licensed across all fifty states. The agents in the Philippines are not licensed, and so they can still service accounts. Our clients now, they’ll use them for things like calling out to carriers, gathering information from, say, a a mortgage company, like following up on closing dates, things that are your licensed individuals, they just need it off their desk. Specifically, for one of our clients, they had their account managers who were doing doing things that didn’t require a license.

For example, calling out making outbound calls for information gathering that you don’t need a license to do. And so, they came to us and they told us what their problems were, and we developed a team. Now we’re working we had, I think, one virtual assistant in the Philippines to start, and now we have eight or nine on that on on that one desk plus a US person. So it’s like a hybrid, the US side of direct. Like, let us create business for you in the US and then service it for you in the Philippines. All that back office stuff that we don’t need your producers tied down with, you know?

Send that over to us at in the Philippines, and we’ll handle it. We’ll call those carriers. We’ll call those mortgagees, and we’ll handle business.

Video: Patra Direct Spotlight with Lacey Cenac

Patra Direct is a call center, kind of service that we offer to really, all facets of the insurance industry.

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