Patra OnDemand Spotlight with Trish Rosenstangel

Hi, my name is Trish Rosenstangel. I am the senior director of the On Demand retail team. So the On Demand team really takes over over the service side of the team. So once a prospect it would be like an insurance company or a carrier insurance carrier.

Once they go through the sales process they go through an implementation.

And on the On Demand side they’re usually starting with one to two services and so the services are really helping them to manage their business, taking the workload off of the people who work at the insurance carriers or or the brokers and being able to offload that work to Patra. So in On Demand, we are their day to day, contacts or servicers. We help them with efficiencies. We work with the offshore teams to get their services up and running and flowing. If they have issues, they’re coming to us. So we’re really that day to day contact to make their service run smoothly and efficiently.

So how we’re different as opposed to maybe like the select department, we just focus on a couple services at a time with a client. We don’t do like a whole gamut of things like they do in select. We’ll usually do one to two services for them. So I think the other thing we bring to the table is the years of experience.

I think some brokers or agencies get into this is how we’ve done it for years and they don’t look outside of that. And what Patra and the client consultants on my team bring is the years of experience and best practices and doing things efficiently. We do a standard operating procedure and so everybody does it the same. Unlike maybe in the office, every account manager or every servicer might be doing things differently, we’re doing it the same and we’re doing it efficient and we’re checking double checking checking our work.

So there’s a lot of benefits. We’ve found that clients are able to go back to building the relationships with their own and clients because they’re not trying to do those processing tasks the day to day tasks as we’ve taken those over. So the biggest thing we hear is that they’re able to go and they’re have a career path and move up within their agencies or their carriers because we’re taking all of that stuff off their desk and they can now focus on, you know, the bigger things that they need to be doing.

Video: Patra OnDemand Spotlight with Trish Rosenstangel

The On Demand team really takes over over the service side of the team.

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