Resources From Patra: Patra Solutions

#11 Doc RetrievaL (Website)

Document Retrieval

#10 Data Entry (Website)

Data Entry

#9 Eligibility Management (Website)

Eligibility Management

#8 Endorsement Processing (Website)

Endorsement Processing

#7 Contact Center (Website)

Patra Direct Contact Center

#6 Commission DBR (Website)

Commission Posting & DBR

#5 Policy Issuance (Website)

Policy Issuance

Submissions and Clearance

Submissions and Clearance

Printing and Mailing

Printing and Mailing

Certificate of Insurance Processing and Issuance

Certificate Processing and Issuance

Policy Checking

Policy Checking

Patra Pro Talk

Patra’s Outsourcing Services Ease Open Enrollment Hurdles