Meet the Leadership Team

Empowering our teams to excel in their most impactful work.

Our Leaders

Patra’s executive and senior management teams are made up of industry experts, innovative-thinkers, and people leaders. Learn more about them below.
Glen is Senior Vice President, New Business Development at Patra. As a 20 year veteran of the insurtech space, Glen focuses on developing relationships with agents and brokers with an eye towards creative ways to leverage people and technology to reduce costs and speed growth. Prior to joining Patra Glen led sales initiatives Origami Risk, Zywave, and Bloomberg LP.
Glen Carey
SVP, New Business Development, Retail
Jessica oversees and streamlines daily operations within our employee benefits division. With her expertise, she ensures the successful implementation of customer solutions and support, resulting in an exceptional client experience. Jessica brings valuable experience, to the organization having joined Patra in 2016 after spending over a decade in the Human Resources and Health Insurance space, bringing solutions to employers of all sizes and industries.
Jessica Caudle
VP EB Operations
Drew Davies is the VP of Infrastructure Engineering at Patra where he leads the team responsible for cloud infrastructure and service delivery. Passionate about fostering innovative culture, he strives to be a driving force in both product and team development. Prior to his time with Patra, Drew led various technical operations teams in delivering high availability, location-based services.
Drew Davies
VP Infrastructure Engineering
Simon Davis is Chief Financial Officer of Patra. A strategic thinker, Simon works with Patra executives to develop and evaluate operational initiatives to drive Patra’s growth and address the needs of its customers. He leads all financial reporting, oversight, and analysis activities. Prior to joining Patra, Simon spent much of his career with the ‘Big 4’ accounting firms KPMG and Deloitte.
Simon Davis
Chief Financial Officer
Jason is a lifelong learner with a passion for the insurance industry and finding efficiencies throughout all functions. Prior to joining Patra, Jason served in various leadership roles over the past 20 years at multiple insurance carriers and organizations supporting operational, underwriting, customer service, and sales processes across multiple segments of business.
Jason Davis
Global Chief Operating Officer
Will is Patra’s SVP of Product and Service Line Management. Will and his team work to continually expand and elevate Patra’s portfolio of tech-enabled services, and the PatraOne platform and technologies that underly these services. Will joined Patra after many years in the Insurtech space, having built and led product management teams at Vertafore, Embroker and CSAA Insurance Group.
Will Dogan
Sr VP Product and Service Line Management
Andrew oversees Strategic Finance at Patra where he’s responsible for developing the Company’s long-range financial plan, completing mergers & acquisitions, and engaging with investors. Andrew’s focus is on Patra achieving its long-term strategic objectives by ensuring alignment with its financial performance. Before joining Patra, Andrew worked for ABS Capital Partners.
Andrew Doupe
Senior Director, Strategic Finance
As one of Patra’s first employees, Matt built the company’s global operational foundation. With a humble and thoughtful approach to business, people, and customers, and a broad knowledge of the insurance industry, Matt enables Patra to deliver consistent and efficient results for its agency clients and leads Patra’s operational data management.
Matt Easterlin
Chief Operations Officer
Toni oversees Patra’s stateside insurance operations while developing, identifying, and communicating clear goals and objectives to achieve department vision and mission. Before joining Patra in 2014, Toni worked on the retail broker side for 10+ years in various roles within the organizations service & operations teams.
Toni Francis
VP US Operations
Marcel Gagnon is SVP Sales for Large Retail Brokers. Marcel has deep experience at driving companies burdened by inefficiency to higher productivity and better outcomes. In her role, she shows the U.S.’s top insurance brokers how to save money and improve client experience by partnering with industry-leading specialized business process & technology consultants within Patra.
Marcel Gagnon
SVP Sales, Large Retail Brokers
Jeremy oversees the software development efforts at Patra, providing architectural leadership, guidance and mentoring to the engineering teams, to ensure the quality, robustness and scalability of the software systems developed at Patra. Prior to Patra, Jeremy led teams developing real-time control, data acquisition and analysis systems for companies in the telecommunications and utility industries.
Jeremy Goldstrom
VP Software Architecture
Lisa uses her over 25 years of experience in the technology sector to not only manage the Software QA team and act as the SAFe RTE but also to guide the Engineering teams in Agile Methodologies, SOC2 Compliance, Change Control, Change Management, Release Management, and overall process improvement.
Lisa Grey
VP Engineering Quality
Sidra oversees our HR business Partner function across various countries and departments, supporting our employees and leaders with stakeholder management, organizational planning, HR consulting, directing the HR Business Partners on teaming with the business, and boosting company culture. Prior to Patra, Sidra spent 15 years in the Big-4 accounting industry where she supported people development and deployment planning.
Sidra Johnson
Director HR Business Partners
With 15+ years in the IT industry, John oversees Patra's Service Desk, IT Client Support, Mobility, and collaborations on a global level. He is responsible for managing end user service requests and computing issues with operational best practices and continuous Service Management improvement. Prior to joining Patra, John worked in IT Management in verticals including Big Pharma, Insurance, and Manufacturing
John Kavati
Director, Global IT Operations
With expertise in data security and managing cyber and physical security, Sean ensures Patra addresses the complex security, regulatory, and access needs of its customers. Sean also manages and oversees Patra’s global physical security, its processing systems, and its client networks.
Sean Kennedy
Chief Information and Security Officer
Erika is responsible for Global Payroll and HR Compliance. Her teams handle employee pay and benefits and ensure that payroll and HR programs are compliant with internal and governmental policies. Prior to Patra, Erika spent 15 years working in the University of California system, most recently as the Internship Director at the UC Center Sacramento.
Erika Kennedy
Director, Global HR Operations
Sharon leads Patra’s retail broker and agency sales focused on strategic partnerships and expansion opportunities. Throughout Sharon’s 35+ year career in sales leadership, she has built teams of sales athletes capable of driving business across multiple business lines. Prior to joining Patra, her vertical experience includes insurance, financial services, service delivery, and building two SaaS startup teams from the ground up.
Sharon Kern
Sr VP Business Development
Robert is a results-driven leader with years of auto & home insurance experience and over 20 years of proven success driving change in large, complex organizations as well as small enterprises in the insurance, oil and gas, call centers, manufacturing, and logistics industries. He is responsible for all IT operations and staff and owns Patra’s IT infrastructure and support teams globally.
Robert King
VP, Information Technology
Robbie oversees Patra’s technical accounting, as well as compliance and related matters across the finance function. Robbie spent most of his career in public accounting, serving companies that run the gamut from early-stage startups to mid-sized private equity-backed companies, up to large accelerated publicly traded companies.
Robbie Lewis
Senior Director, Accounting
With a commitment to helping Patra expand its focus on technology, software-based processes, and InsurTech solutions, Tony’s strategic oversight and leadership of the technology team will ensure continued innovation and automation of how insurance is sold, managed, and processed. Tony was the Chief of Data Services for PlusAMP and held numerous positions in technology and data services roles.
Tony Li
Chief Technology Officer
As a 10-year veteran of Patra, Elizabeth manages our international teams located in India and the Philippines as well as our Quality, Training and Process Excellence teams in North American and internationally. She is responsible for ensuring our team members are efficient, accurate and are bringing value the customers they represent.
Elizabeth McCormick
VP International Service Delivery
Paul is responsible for Patra Document and Patra Cloud Professional Services. Paul is an experienced leader with a passion for process optimization, knowledge management, and learning. Prior to joining Patra, Paul served in various leadership roles with Intel Corporation for 20+ years and more recently in start-up and consulting roles.
Paul Misso
VP Patra Document and Cloud
With over 20 years of expertise and a PhD in Nuclear Law, Dr. Preethi K Mokshagundam, Legal and Compliance Officer, is responsible for monitoring the Corporate Compliance Program and ensuring that all corporate operations are compliant with laws and regulations. She also oversees internal compliance and works to ensure all company activities are carried out in accordance with legal standards.
Preethi Mokshagundam
India Legal & Compliance Officer
Greg leads Specialty Sales at Patra where he’s responsible for driving growth with insurance companies, MGAs, Wholesalers, InsurTechs and Premium Finance companies. Before Patra acquired Greg’s company, QBIS, in 2019, Greg started and sold two InsurTech companies that were focused on driving simplicity, speed, and modern processes to the insurance industry.
Greg Morris
Sr VP Business Development
Using his expertise in insurance recruiting as well as team leadership, Michael and his team identify, attract, and hire the right insurance talent for Patra. Prior to joining Patra, Michael was a managing partner with an executive firm that placed property and casualty and employee benefits talent with some of the world’s top brokerages.
Michael Moutrey
Director Global Talent Acquisition
As Managing Director of Patra’s India region, Lakshmi plays a key role as a unifying factor between our global offices and industry associations through her dedication to corporate social responsibility, empowering women, and fostering empathetic leadership. Leading CSR initiatives, she also promotes growth mindset through workshops and webinars. Her impactful leadership and dedication define her significance in the corporate world.
Lakshmi Mukkavilli
India Managing Director
Bob leads all sales, marketing, and strategic initiatives to scale Patra’s business, develop new technologies, and continue to provide top-level service to its customers. Prior to joining Patra, Bob served as CRO for Cloud Lending Solutions and held numerous leadership positions in the financial technology services industry including Monitise and FIS.
Bob Murphy
Chief Revenue Officer
Moe is Director of Corporate Services in the Philippines. He is responsible for the overall management of the government compliance, administration department and oversees the day-to-day operations across Patra’s Philippines departments. Prior to joining Patra, Moe worked for Accenture Philippines for 5 years as an Operations manager that works with one of the largest social media accounts.
Moe Nasser
Philippines Director of Corporate Services
Rebecca is responsible for Patra’s Center of Excellence for People Learning, supporting employees globally at all stages of their careers. She has had an extensive career in Learning and Development including over a decade in Federal contracting and consulting, as well as working at large companies such as Lowes, Albertson’s, and Genoa Healthcare, part of UnitedHealth Group.
Rebecca Odewale
Director People Development
Jonathan focuses on creating new HR-related services for Patra’s customers and on protecting Patra’s most valuable asset, its global workforce. Prior to joining Patra, Jonathan was the VP of Delivery for ThinkHR, he also worked for Target, Pitney Bowes, Kay Jewelers, and alongside Patra CEO John Simpson at CyberBills.
Jonathan Pyle
Chief People Officer
Kris oversees Patra’s global accounting operations and ensures that consolidated financials are reported timely and accurately. She is responsible for reporting to internal parties, government regulators, and outside agencies. Her primary focus is on formulating policies, managing daily operations, and planning how both material and human resources are to be utilized.
Kris Quam
VP Finance Operations
Ben oversees Patra’s compliance and licensing efforts to ensure the company and its employees remain compliant with all regulatory requirements. He’s responsible for managing costs, optimizing efficiencies, providing strategic direction, and leading the licensing team. Prior to joining Patra, Ben spent over 9 years in the health insurance industry, building and leading high-performing carrier credentialing teams at WTW.
Ben Rice
Senior Manager, Insurance Compliance
Sandy brings 20 years’ experience in sales, leadership, and revenue operations in the SaaS, Fintech and Insurance industries to Patra. She has a proven track record of driving revenue growth and optimizing operations through data-driven insights and innovative solutions. At Patra, Sandy drives the Revenue Operations strategy which includes customer focused processes, technology, and enablement functions to facilitate customer success.
Sandy Robinson
SVP of Revenue Operations
While developing and leading Patra’s legal strategies, Lee oversees matters related to corporate governance and transactions and helped establish Patra’s compliance program and training. Prior to joining Patra, Lee worked with Ryan, a global tax consulting firm and in in-house positions with private and public companies.
Lee Ruiz
Chief Legal Officer
In her 16 years with Patra, Diane has built multiple teams and processes. She draws on this experience in her current role leading our BCM and Compliance program. Focusing on increasing business resilience, reducing risk, her responsibilities include working with all departments to ensure SOC 2 compliance, organizing business continuity and disaster recovery programs, and policy document management.
Diane Sinawi
Sr Director, Business Continuity Mgmt and Compliance
Carl oversees our philanthropic organization, Patra Proud, and is dedicated to supporting the children of military families. Patra Proud helps children though deployments, frequent long-distance moves and being away from extended family, all part of the hardships the families of our active duty military endure. Carl also does facility management and takes care of lots of people at HQ.
Carl Tarrant
Director of Charitable Giving
Loni is responsible for developing global strategies for improving team morale and promoting a positive and inclusive workplace. In support of these strategies, she leads our Diversity and Inclusion program along with our employee engagement and recognition initiatives. Prior to joining Patra, Loni spent over 20 years at KPMG.
Loni Valdivia
Director People Experience
Raghu manages our International operations spanning 4800+ resources and is responsible for service delivery for all our clients across India and Philippines. Prior to joining Patra in August 2021, he worked with Cognizant for close to 14 years managing operations for various clients within their BFS Division. He is a student Actuary with IAI.
Raghunathan Vasudevan
General Manager, APAC Operations
Catherine supports internals operations and sales by reviewing and negotiating all client and vendor contracts for Patra. She also supports our General Counsel in managing legal and compliance matters for the company. Catherine joined Patra in 2016 through the Patra Academy, having previously worked in government relations.
Catherine Vest
Corporate Counsel
William Wagner is responsible for Patra’s Global Marketing and Inside Sales organization. With over twenty years of marketing and product management, William ensures that Patra’s services, technology innovation, and brand are closely aligned with Patra’s prospects and customers’ needs to bring forth transformative change in how insurance solution are delivered, supported and managed.
William Wagner
VP of Marketing