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Operational Excellence at Patra, Industry Knowledge video title card

Operational Excellence | Industry Knowledge

Through our business model, we take a very proactive approach to stay ahead of emerging insights

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Operational Excellence at Patra, Advisory Consulting video title card

Operational Excellence | Advisory Consulting

We help insurance organizations identify operational gaps and optimize workflows

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Operational Excellence Improvement and Efficiency video title card

Operational Excellence | Improvement & Efficiency

Our team of global experts help our clients transform their operational value chain with improved ROI

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Operational Excellence Quality Assurance video title card

Operational Excellence | Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a priority focus within our service delivery model, and we’ve integrated a solid QA framework

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Operational Excellence Overview video title card

Operational Excellence

Our operational excellence model is what sets us apart. With over 17 years solely dedicated in the insurance space

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Patra's PolicyChecking.AI is the new industry-leading solution designed to ensure accuracy and quality

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Coimbatore Office Opening video title card

Coimbatore Office Inauguration

Our Coimbatore opening was such a special event; you can catch a few of our favorite moments in this video

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Indexing video title card


The need to ensure documents are properly indexed is a critical aspect of your insurance operation

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Endorsement Checking video title card

Endorsement Checking

Failing to properly verify endorsement accuracy can possibly result in coverage issues, legal exposure, litigation

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Small Account Solutions video title card

Small Account Solutions

Patra’s licensed Acct Managers will integrate seamlessly within your organization efficiently & productively

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Loss Runs video title card

Loss Runs

Loss runs empower insurance organizations with a better understanding of ways to reduce claims

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Document Retrieval video title card

Document Retrieval

Proper document management is needed for any insurance organization. We manage a variety of documents

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Data Entry video title card

Data Entry

At Patra, we provide data entry, clean up, migration services to help you complete all kinds of operational tasks

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Eligibility Management video title card

Eligibility Management

Patra can provide your organization with a dedicated remote team of highly skilled process executives

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Endorsement Processing video title card

Endorsement Processing

Patra’s endorsement processing services are specifically designed to help you prevent backlogs

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Contact Center video title card

Patra Direct Contact Center

Patra Direct supports your customer contact centers to deliver your outstanding brand experience

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