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Patra Agency Advantage for Retail Brokers

OnDemand insurance processing and tech-enabled solutions that drive profitability and new customer acquisition acro...

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Patra Assist for Employee Benefits

Customized, Flexible Solutions to Elevate the Customer Experience.

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Company Overview

Patra’s technology-enabled services enable growth and organizational value for the insurance industry.

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Insurance Processing For Property and Casualty

OnDemand insurance processing and tech-enabled solutions that drive profitability and new customer acquisition acro...

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Insurance Processing For Employee Benefits

OnDemand, end-to-end insurance processing services to ensure maximum efficiency and profitability throughout the ye...

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Insurance Printing and Mailing for P&C Brokers

Full-Service Print and Mail Solutions Designed for P&C Retail Brokers

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Process Feature: Data Management

Clean and accurate data is essential to making sound business decisions, effectively managing customer relations, a...

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Process Feature: Document Retrieval, Indexing, and Issuance

Patra can efficiently retrieve, index and issue critical policy related documents for you.

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Process Feature, Document Retrieval for Property & Casualty

Patra’s insurance processes are designed to easily adapt to the unique workflows needed to manage various types o...

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Insurance Processing Services for Employee Benefits

Patra’s full suite of document retrieval, indexing and issuance processes improve your agency’s operational eff...

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Process Feature: Policy Checking

Policy checking is an onerous process consuming your agency’s time and money – yet a vital one that can lead to...

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Patra Assist for Property and Casualty

Patra Assist is uniquely developed for insurance retail brokers to improve service delivery and reduce operating co...

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Open Enrollment

Patra’s employee benefits experts can ease your operational and staffing strain with scalable, end-to-end solutio...

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Digital Certificate Delivery

CertVault automates the distribution of certificates while ensuring their security with the power of blockchain.

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Acquisition & Customer Experience

Patra Direct delivers omni-channel communication tools to your systems, supporting every part of customer journey.

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Small Account Solutions for Employee Benefits

Patra’s small group solutions extend your ability to address a high volume of incoming small account leads withou...

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