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High performance teams focused on efficiency, quality, accuracy, and consistency.

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Improve efficiency with a preferred insurance outsourcing partner.

At Patra, operational excellence is a core value integrated into every aspect of our service delivery model, demonstrating our dedication to customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Our goal is clear: to be the leading technology-enabled insurance outsourcing partner by providing top-notch insurance solutions and maintaining high-quality standards, while helping our customers achieve sustainable and profitable growth.

Training and Development

Our processing teams engage in comprehensive training  to efficiently, consistently, and accurately process critical insurance functions. The training begins with covering various insurance processes, systems, and regulatory compliance requirements, followed by extensive training on client processing workflows.

Quality Control & Auditing

We recognize the intricacies of each insurance process and implement customized control measures and thorough auditing to ensure that every workflow is completed with the utmost quality.

Performance Management

We utilize scorecards and CAPA methodology for root cause analysis, working collaboratively with our teams and clients to implement preventative measures against mistakes and E&O exposure.

Data Reporting

We use data-driven insights to identify and report areas for process and performance improvements. We align our data intelligence with our clients’ needs, providing KPI reports, processing trends, production volumes, and more to assist them in making strategic business decisions.

We take a powerful approach to process improvement

Our global operations teams utilize six sigma methodologies, lean based practices, and data intelligence to identify process and service delivery improvements, as well as develop new insurance technology to help our clients standout in a competitive market.

We Are Committed to Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence | Industry Knowledge

Operational Excellence | Improvement & Efficiency

Operational Excellence | Quality Assurance

Operational Excellence | Advisory Consulting

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The insurance industry is rapidly changing and impacting the way organizations approach insurance processing. Customer expectations for rapid service are placing immense pressure to implement automated processing workflows, talent gaps, high employee turnover, and mergers and acquisitions are resulting in high attrition across the insurance industry.

This causes insurance professionals to struggle with resource and time management between maintaining critical client relationships and processing insurance functions like policy checking, certificate delivery, loss runs, quoting, binding, and so many more.

This is where Patra comes in. Not only do we take on the in insurance processing on behalf of our clients, but by doing so, we also support their entire operational ecosystem.

And this is what sets Patra apart from its competitors.

With over seventeen years solely dedicated to the insurance space, we know your business.

Our in industry knowledge and expertise has positioned Patra to be a strategic partner for retail brokers, carriers, MGAs, and wholesalers; providing our clients with advisory consulting to implement best practices and improve operational efficiency.

Data insights and analytics to help our clients make strategic business decisions.

Scalable, accurate, and efficient insurance processing solutions, supporting the entire policy life cycle for property and casualty and employee benefits.

Flexible service delivery to align our clients operating hours across multiple time zones.

And recruitment, hiring, training, and employee management of dedicated insurance processing professionals.

Patra’s insurance processing executives engage in comprehensive industry training and quality assurance programs with key performance indicators tailored to the unique variables of each insurance process.

Our global operations teams leverage six Sigma methodologies and data intelligence to identify and service delivery improvements, as well as develop new insurance technology to help our clients thrive in a competitive market.

We are truly committed to operational excellence.

One of the biggest differentiators between Patra and its competitors is industry knowledge.

Through our business model, we take a very proactive approach to staying ahead of emerging insights that directly impact the behaviors of retail and specialty markets. And we do this through several ways, exhibiting, sponsoring, and attending industry events.

This allows us to connect with other insurance market leaders and organizations to better understand where the industry gaps are.

Customer data analysis, we analyze and aggregate customer data to identify behavioral trends and key performance indicators across markets.

Insurance training and licensing This is critical to staying ahead of new insurance industry compliance and regulations and how they will directly impact the markets we serve and the solutions we bring to the market.

And then we apply all this knowledge into our internal innovation lab where we have dedicated teams of insurance and technology experts and resources to research, test, and deploy superior tech enabled service offerings for our clients.

So when we say we are industry experts, we share that with the highest level of integrity. It’s an extremely important part of who we are and how we can truly service our clients.

Whether you are a retail broker, wholesaler, MGA or Carrier, we have developed an operational excellence model focused on delivering optimal out for our clients across the insurance industry.

Our integrated team of global experts help our clients transform their operational value chain with real measurable results in improved ROI, enhanced service and quality, cost reductions, and risk mitigation.

This requires a consistent effort to continuously learn, evaluate, and identify areas for operational improvements and efficiency within all facets of our client service delivery model.

At Patra, we take a systematic approach to process improvement. Identifying process refinement as a critical step towards operational efficiency.

We implement lean based practices and leverage to fileable tools that evaluate all the unique variables and nuances within the insurance processing workflow using a lift and load method.

We lift our client’s processing workflows and load them into Patra’s operational improvement cycle applying six Sigma methodologies we compare and analyze each step within our client’s workflow to diagnose waste, variability, and inefficient see. We then redesigned the workflow to implement best practices and deliver outputs that optimize our client’s operational value chain.

Quality assurance is a priority focus within our service delivery model, and we’ve integrated a solid QA framework comprised of four key elements: training and development, quality control and auditing, performance management, and data reporting.

Patra’s comprehensive training program equips our teams with the expertise to process critical insurance functions. Efficiently, consistently, and accurately.

This is a multi-faceted program. Our teams engage in preliminary training covering various insurance processes, systems, and regulatory compliance requirements; Followed with the extensive drill-down training on client-specific processing workflows.

There is no “off the shelf” workflow that can truly support all the unique variables of each insurance process. And therefore, you can’t simply apply the same quality control and auditing methods to each process.

Patra understands the nuances of each process and applies tailored control measures and deep level auditing to ensure each workflow is completed at the highest quality standard.

Using scorecards, root cause analysis, and corrective and preventative action (also known as CAPA methodology), we work with our teams and clients to implement preventative measures for potential mistakes and E&O exposure.

Patra uses data-based insights to identify and report areas for process and performance improvements. We align our data intelligence to our clients’ needs, reporting KPIs, processing trends, production volumes, and much more to help our clients make strategic business decisions.

As the insurance industry continues to accelerate towards digital and automated service experiences, insurance organizations are having to rapidly rethink their operational models to stay competitive.

The challenge for many is the lack of resources and capacity to analyze operational gaps. And then having to take it to another step further and identify an effective long term solutions.

We’ve applied our experience and expertise in helping insurance organizations tackle this very dilemma.

As a strategic advisor, we help insurance organizations identify operational gaps, optimize existing workflows, and integrate new technologies to boost business process performance.

Whether we’re working with you at the discovery or implementation phase or an active partnership, our advisory model is integrated throughout the merger journey to consistently focus on helping insurance organizations with.

Growth strategy, evaluate operational infrastructure and implement actionable strategies for improved ROI.

Scalability and capacity, identify the right technological solutions to increase operational capacity and improve customer experience.

Processing workflow design, analyze existing workflows to identify process gaps, and create an implementation ready design for optimal efficiency.

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