Patra Proud

August 28 2017

What is Patra proud of?

Lots of things, especially the work we do for our clients and the environment we’ve created for our employees. We’re exceptionally proud of the work we do to support the military families who regularly make sacrifices to protect and serve our country. In fact, when we needed an official name for Patra’s charity focused on supporting the children of active military service members, we couldn’t think of a better name than Patra Proud. Last year, our Patra Proud philanthropic division donated more than $10,000 to military families.

You may not know it, but Patra has a history of working with military families. Patra CEO John Simpson and the rest of the company’s leadership are firm believers in using their personal and corporate success to give back to the community. Having grown up in a military family, John is aware of the unique difficulties and sacrifices that military families face. A major challenge for military spouses is finding a permanent job when the family might need to move at any time – a strain that Patra realized it could address.

“We’re a company made up of remote workers, spread across the country,” said Carl Tarrant, director of Patra Proud. “One of the benefits we can offer military spouses is that if their family is relocated, their job goes with them.” Patra has committed to hiring the spouses of active military and recently hosted the first ever on-base job fair at the Naval Air Station in Fallon, Nevada, with plans to expand the program and include training centers near other military bases.

The company started Patra Proud to expand the company’s support for military families and increase its positive influence on the community. In its inaugural year, Patra Proud has launched a host of initiatives to support the children of working military families.

During the holidays, Patra Proud works with officer spouse clubs on base, providing baskets to families of enlisted personnel containing an entire Thanksgiving dinner and providing donations that fulfill Christmas wish lists as part of its Angel Tree initiative. Carl says these are important ways Patra Proud helps support military families and children during some of the toughest times of the year.

“It’s especially difficult when a family has to stay behind during a deployment. These are ways we hope we can bring some additional warmth to their holidays and make things a little easier,” noted Tarrant.

Patra Proud also supports children in their educational endeavors, providing back-to-school items such as backpacks, school supplies and clothing. Recently, Patra Proud began a scholarship program for high school seniors and just awarded its first recipient.

Patra Proud accomplishes all of this by raising funds in a variety of ways. It hosted its first charity golf scramble in August 2016, and on that success, the charity has expanded to three golf scrambles in 2017. Patra Proud has significant employee participation, reflective of the company’s culture of giving back. Volunteers for the inaugural golf scramble were all Patra employees and their families. At a casino night during its annual employee event, Patra Proud raised more than $12,000 between employee contributions and additional donations. As of 2017, Patra Proud also works with to raise additional funds.

Patra Proud’s first year has seen many successes – but the team says that this is only the beginning. “We wanted to do something unique, and we have,” said Carl, “There are tons of charities out there that focus on the military, or on causes to support children, but we found a way to do something different – a way to make a different kind of impact.”

For Patra CEO John Simpson, these early successes paint a picture of even greater things for the future. “We want Patra Proud to be one of the most recognized charities in the country, hosting events in communities across the nation to support military families wherever they happen to be,” says John.

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