Virtual assistant solutions for the insurance industry

It's time to reclaim team capacity.

Your Patra Virtual Assistant (VA) helps with a variety of insurance back-office tasks, such as managing policy documents, processing claims, and conducting research. Rededicate your time and focus toward building your business.

A flexible extension to your team

Scale your business with top-tier talent to support new business, policy, and account management functions.

With Patra’s Virtual Assistant, you can focus on growing your business without the burden of administrative or HR costs associated with hiring full-time staff. Our dedicated team members seamlessly integrate into your environment operating as an extension of your team; aligning with your customer values, hours, management systems, communication platforms, and workflows.

What is a virtual assistant and what do they do?

Your Patra Virtual Assistant is trained to help with day-to-day tasks whether they are repeatable or cross a wide range of functions. Through our comprehensive training program you can be sure your Patra Virtual Assistant is ready for you.


  • Prepare ACORD forms
  • Enter account details in management system


  • Quote with direct carrier (PL/CL through carrier portal or comparative rater)
  • Submit accounts to agencies for quotes
  • Send quote proposals to insureds


  • Assemble binding documents
  • Bind quotes with direct carriers
  • Submit bind requests to agencies

Policy Issuance

  • Send policies to insureds
  • File policy info in management system and attach documents
  • Create, update and issue COIs (Certificates of Insurance)


  • Audits
  • Endorsements
  • Cancellations
  • Reinstatements
  • Invoices
  • Payments

Other Insurance Process Support

  • Commission reconciliations, renewal monitoring, etc.
  • Inbound and outbound phone calls (insureds, banks, carriers, etc.)
  • Customer service
  • Outbound sales calls (prospecting)
  • Appointment scheduling for producers
  • Process evidence of insurance

How Patra Virtual Assistants support our clients

Patra’s Virtual Assistants execute a wide-range of comprehensive tasks to help our clients achieve their business and operational goals.

New Business

  • Gather submission data
  • Prepare ACORD forms & submissions
  • Submit to markets
  • Quote through carrier portal, comparative raters, MGAs
  • Management system/CRM data entry
  • Generate proposals
  • Bind request welcome kit

Policy Management & Servicing

  • Send policy docs to insureds
  • Summaries of insurance
  • Renewal marketing & proposal support
  • Management system & document data entry
  • Endorsement processing
  • Certificate of insurance requests
  • Notice of cancellations, reinstatements or non-payment
  • Policy changes, management system updates & audits

Finance & Accounting

  • Billing & collecting payments
  • Spreadsheeting
  • Commission entry & tracking
  • Direct bill posting
  • Billed accounting
  • Refunds

Sales & Marketing

  • Outbound prospecting & cold calling
  • Appointment setting for producers
  • Answer inbound calls & admin support
  • Managing social media posts & website

Compliance & Claims

  • Summary & form downloads
  • Lender communications
  • Open enrollment communications
  • Wrap documents
  • Underwriting communications & follow-up
  • Claims tracking & follow-up

Eligibility Support

  • Enrollments, terms, & changes
  • COBRA notifications
  • Carrier reconciliation
  • Open enrollment communications

Miscellaneous & Administrative Tasks

  • Data entry/clean-up
  • Management system updates
  • Handle inbound & outbound calls
  • Customer service

  • Email & document filing
  • Portal login requests
  • Special projects


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Why use a Virtual Assistant?

You know the drill – you need to find back office help but it is hard, takes more time than you have, wasn’t budgeted, and there is always the risk they will leave for greener pastures.

Which one of these issues are you dealing with?

Finding the right talent within a 50 mile radius feels impossible.

You are struggling with absences and turnover.

It is hard to create a great client experience and cover expenses at the same time.

Your administrative to-do list keeps getting longer because everyone is busy working on the operational and profitable aspects of the insurance business. You have a chronic backlog.

You want to implement the “less is more” model—fewer people in the office, better quality of life for employees.

You need your sales team to focus on building the insurance business by working with prospects, following-up on leads and helping clients, instead of worrying about administrative tasks that are a waste of their talent and your payroll.

Why should I use Patra vs others?

Patra sets the industry standard for virtual assistance. Our virtual assistants complete extensive insurance industry training through Patra University, so they can support your agency on day one. The curriculum includes:

Insurance principles and terminology

Common types of insurance products and their coverage

Skills for assisting insurance professionals with administrative tasks

Client management and communication within the insurance context

Resources and tools of the insurance industry

Challenges and scenarios encountered while assisting in an insurance setting

Curriculum for Patra Virtual Assistant Certification (PVAC)

Each day includes interactive sessions, group discussions, and hands-on activities to reinforce learning. Additionally, there are assessments and quizzes to gauge understanding and proficiency in the topics covered.

Course 1: Orientation and Introduction to Patra
Morning Session:
  • Welcome and introduction to Patra
  • Company History, Mission, and Values
  • Overview of the Insurance Business Process Outsourcing Industry
Afternoon Session:
  • Introduction to Remote Work Culture
  • Understanding Your Role as a Virtual Assistant
  • Communication Channels and Tools at Patra

Course 2: Insurance Fundamentals
Morning Session:
  • Introduction to Insurance: Basics and Terminologies
  • Types of Insurance Products and Services
  • Understanding Insurance Policies and Coverage
Afternoon Session:
  • Role of Virtual Assistants in Insurance Brokers and Agents’ Operations
  • Importance of Accuracy and Attention to Detail in Insurance Documentation

Course 3: Navigating Work with a US-based Company
Morning Session:
  • Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity in a US-based Work Environment
  • Time Zone Management and Scheduling
Afternoon Session:
  • Introduction to US Business Practices and Etiquette
  • Understanding Client Expectations and Deliverables

Course 4: Professional Communication Skills
Morning Session:
  • Email Etiquette: Writing Clear and Professional Emails
  • Effective Communication Strategies for Remote Teams
Afternoon Session:
  • Telephone Etiquette and Handling Client Calls
  • Conflict Resolution and Problem-Solving Techniques

Course 5: Technology and Software Training
Morning Session:
  • How to Use Zoom: Hosting and Participating in Virtual Meetings
  • Microsoft Office Basics: Word, Excel, and Outlook for Daily Tasks
Afternoon Session:
  • Introduction to CRM and Management Systems Used in the Insurance Industry
  • Practice Sessions and Q&A for Software and Tools

Our international staff enables you to
focus on business growth.

With our highly skilled team of virtual assistants, you immediately lower the burden of overhead costs without sacrificing customer service and support.

Located in the largest city in Metro Manila, our regional office in the Philippines is a collaborative, fun and exciting work environment! Patra promotes work-life balance, celebrates culture, and creates pathways for employee success and growth.

Would you like to learn more about our team and operations in the Philippines? Including our work environment, benefits, community and collaboration and support of the IBPAP?

Learn More

Assign Patra Virtual Assistants any office task, not just insurance.

What can they do for you? Plenty

Email and Contact Management

Business Development

Administrative Tasks


Management Tasks

Accounting Support

The Patra Virtual Assistant Onboarding Process.

Patra manages the entire recruiting, selection, onboarding, training and ongoing HR management process of your Patra Virtual Assistant(s).

Patra Virtual Assistant staffing process

Would you like to learn more?

What assurances does Patra offer for data protection and security?

Patra’s SOC2 Compliance ensures the safety and privacy of your data

Patra’s comprehensive and audited Business Continuity & Recovery Plans reduce your exposure to unknow threats and vulnerabilities

Patra’s multiple processing centers based in geopolitically stable countries, allow Patra to load balance and maintain continuity of operations under adverse conditions

VPN Client Connectivity to Patra Resources with AES256 Encryption

Functionality Limited to Patra Environment Only

Active Directory Authentication and Policy Enforcement

Splashtop Cloud Administrative Access, Logging, and Alerting

No Administrator Rights; USB Storage and Print Disabled

Single Sign-On, Data Loss Prevention, and SIEM Systems Utilized

Hard Drive Storage Security Featuring AES256 Encryption

Frequently Asked Questions

A Patra Virtual Assistant is remote professional who is certified in supporting insurance-related activities. This includes processing claims, managing customer inquiries, policy administration, underwriting support, insurance documentation, as well as many office related tasks.

A Patra Virtual Assistant helps streamline your operations by handling routine and administrative tasks. This allows your team to focus on more complex services for your insureds, enhancing efficiency and elevating customer satisfaction.

Patra Virtual Assistants are trained and certified in accordance with the Patra University curriculum. This training and subsequent skills include understanding of insurance policies and terms, proficiency in insurance software and technology, and excellent communication skills for customer interactions.

Yes, Patra Virtual Assistants can handle specific insurance tasks such as claims processing, policy documentation, customer service, or data analysis specific to your insurance business needs. Additionally, they can provide administrative assistance in areas such as marketing, business administration, sales, and executive assistance.

Getting started is easy! Contact us to schedule a consultation, discuss your needs, and we will match you with a Patra Virtual Assistant that fits your business objectives.

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