Technology-Enabled Insurance Services

We manage all your processing needs with insurance experts and industry-best automation.

Technology Leveraged by Experts

Insurers today face increasing competition, stringent government regulations, and tighter-than-ever deadlines. To stay ahead, you need to reduce costs and remain agile, adopting innovative practices that transform your insurance organization and enable you to stay at the forefront of the industry. 

That's where we come in. Patra powers the insurance industry with technology solutions leveraged by leading insurance experts in the industry. Our approach combines the world of automation with the decision making, care, and personal touch of a dedicated team. Patra is what makes insurance efficient and accurate. We deliver long-term solutions for the real-world, everyday challenges that you face.

Why Us?

Patra is a leading provider of technology-enabled services to the insurance industry. We provide and integrate insurance solution technology to help you optimize your customer experience, enable you to develop new insurance products, adopt new business models, and address shifting workforces in order to transform and drive long-term growth. 

Patra's tech-enabled services work to solve critical challenges faced by the entire insurance industry.

Meet deadlines.

Deadlines come quickly, especially during the busy season. We enable faster turnaround times so you and your clients remain prepared.

Focus on customer facing tasks.

We do the work. You focus on the customer and growing your client base.

Save time.

Patra manages the complex, time-consuming, behind-the-scenes work that often pulls your attention away from delivering an exceptional experience for your customer.   

Reduce operating costs.

We offer and can deliver many different services for your insurance organization, from policy checking and policy issuance to certificate processing and submissions. We help you do more work, more efficiently and profitably.

Patra's Most Popular Tech-Enabled Services

Patra's tech-enabled services set the insurance industry standard for quality, efficiency, and value. Using Patra's proprietary mix of people, technology and expertise, Patra reliably manages millions of insurance transactions each year on behalf of its customers. Patra's customers are so confident in Patra's unique and efficient capabilities and value that they can't imagine entrusting this mission-critical work to anyone else.

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    Policy Checking

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    Account Processing

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    Submissions & Clearance

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    Data Entry & Management

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    Policy Issuance

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    Eligibility Management

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    Commission Posting & Direct Bill Reconciliation

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    Document Retrieval

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    Loss Runs

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    Certificate Processing & Issuance

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    Endorsement Processing

PatraOne Logo

The platform that changes everything.

PatraOne is a services-oriented digital platform that automates and optimizes our insurance processing services. Combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) with powerful cloud and data technology, PatraOne revolutionizes how we work for you. The PatraOne platform is unified and fully integrated to deliver unmatched efficiency for all of your insurance processing needs. Our capabilities are endless: from policy checking to loss run summaries and everything in between, PatraOne delivers!

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Technology-Enabled Process Executives

Our process executives use PatraOne to automate the in-take of service requests and track the services for billing and data collection.

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AMS and DMS Integrations

Our Patra ecosystem provides seamless integrations with best-in-class AMS and DMS systems, providing a reduction in associated time and costs.

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Transformative Technologies

The future lies with those digital insurers who harness the power of technology, seize new opportunities to pivot, and take advantage of new sources of revenue growth.

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The PatraOne platform serves two critical purposes:

Workflow Management

PatraOne enables us to prioritize, distribute, monitor, track, and report on the millions of service requests received from our customers.  


The PatraOne platform takes process automation to the next level, enabling faster turnaround times and improving work accuracy.   

Patra is here to set, define, and meet your goals.

At Patra, we are committed to delivering exceptional service. Our process execution plan is our ultimate guide. This structured program sets expectations, defines objectives, and allows us to measure performance. We work closely with your organization to understand your needs so we can provide you the best tech-enabled services in the insurance industry.

Our dedicated process executives strive to exceed expectations.

When you work with Patra, you work with highly trained insurance process executives who are here to help you every step of the way. Patra process executives are trained to work within a variety of systems, including agency management systems, document management platforms, and certificate management platforms. They execute the services we provide for you using the PatraOne platform, which saves time and increases work accuracy. We believe our technology services, leveraged by experts, enable us to execute tasks at the highest level.

Patra Shield

Protection You Can Trust.

Redefining Security to Keep You Protected

Indemnity Protection

We have a long history of standing behind our work. We collaborate with our clients to resolve issues and include market-leading errors and omission (E&O) liability assumption in our agreements for the work that Patra process executives manage. And, in certain instances, indemnify you in the event that your customer is harmed as a result of our service.

Global Network

Patra maintains a global network of multiple insurance services processing centers in India and the Philippines, with multiple geographically distributed facilities within both countries. These processing centers are under full and direct control of Patra, enabling us to load-balance processing volume to meet service level agreements when situations such as the following occur: business volume increase, the need to invoke business continuity due to an incident at a particular location, or customer desire to globally distribute their processing volume.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Patra maintains a comprehensive and audited Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan that covers: Acceptable Use Policy, Business Continuity Plan, Disaster Recovery Plan, Security Incident Response Plan, Information Security Policy, Data Privacy Policy, Physical Security Policy, System Maintenance Policy.

SOC2 Compliance

Patra maintains SOC2 Compliance to ensure the safety and privacy of our customers' data. Our SOC2 relates to the trust service principles of security, availability, and confidentiality as a framework for safeguarding data.

Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and SO2 Compliance

We are driving the future of insurance processing.

Our global team of developers and product owners believe in the future of process automation. We seek out new, innovative technologies and processes that help you deliver next-level service. From machine learning to hybrid cloud environments, our tech services are designed to save time, improve accuracy, and elevate experiences. We enable insurers to cover risk and create custom products in more dynamic and responsive ways. The future of insurance processing is Patra.