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Delivering technology-enabled services to the insurance industry.

Come with us on a journey.

At Patra, our transformative technologies will equip your organization to thrive in a dynamic future. We understand how to apply innovation to unlock value and drive profitability, and we recognize the importance of combining human process and automation to maximize output. Our human-in-the-loop methodology ensures you never get left behind on the insurance journey.

Our PatraOne technology stack is supported by an agile-scrum practicing global software development team focused on making substantial progress for our clients across insurance workflows and every day challenges. Innovations designed to help facilitate communication, manage policy needs, enable payments, and improve core operations are just some of the areas on which our insurance leaders are focused. The future lies with those digital insurers who harness the power of technology, seize new opportunities to pivot, and take advantage of new sources of revenue growth.

Cloud-Based Technology Engine

PatraOne is our flexible, cloud-based platform that powers our technology-enabled services. Our suite of software services prioritize, distribute, and monitor the millions of work requests we receive from customers to our global, remote workforce.

Automate Premium Financing and Payment

PatraPay by Patra is an all-in-one payment automation solution designed for premium finance companies, agencies, and insureds. The platform's integrative and flexible payment features enable you to deliver a customer-centric payment experience that drives profitable growth.

Deliver Digital Certificates Seamlessly

CertVault by Patra, a delivery and repository platform, makes certificate issuance more secure, efficient, and convenient than ever before. Holders, insureds, and issuers all benefit when certificate transactions are seamless, traceable, and available around the clock. Blockchain security provides another level of confidence.

Innovations and the Future of Insurance

We embrace transformative technologies, so you don’t have too. How to apply innovation, unlocking its value to drive profitability is our goal. With a global team of over 80 developers and product owners from across the insurance industry, we believe that the future of technology innovation is yours to use.

  • RPA_red-2

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Hybrid-Cloud_red-1

    Hybrid Cloud

  • AI_red-1

    Machine Learning (ML)

  • Reporting

    Data Intelligence and Reporting

  • Omnichannel

    Multi-Channel Experience

  • Blockchain


  • SOC2-Certified

    SOC2 Certified

  • Dig-Sig

    Digital Signature Support

  • Geo

    Geographically Distributed Data Centers

Experienced in Your Management Platform

Our global insurance experts are familiar with whatever system of record you may have. Whether it is commonly known AMS or DMS or something proprietary and unique to your company, our consulting services team will devise creative methods to work within your environment to provide exceptional service levels.  Our Patra ecosystem provides seamless integrations with best-in-class AMS and DMS systems providing a reduction in associated time and costs.

Tech Stack Graphic
Tech Stack Graphic

“Patra designed a workflow plan specific to our needs. Our average task processing time has decreased by 33%, our annual expenses related to outsourced activities have decreased roughly 55%, and Patra has helped us realize over $2.2M in aggregate expense savings to date. Our enhanced profitability has subsequently allowed us to accelerate reinvestment capital back into our aggressive growth initiatives.”

– Atlas General Insurance Services, Marina Torres, Loss Control/Audit Supervisor

Your Security is Our Priority

Business evolves and needs change, but one thing that never changes is our commitment to security. Our responsibility to our clients and their customers is to ensure all transactions are done in a secure environment and that we protect the integrity and confidentiality of their data. Built-in controls, from granular permissions to multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, endpoint security, data loss prevention, and end-to-end encryption across our distributed workforce, ensure all data is monitored and secure. 

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