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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for Insurance Print and Mail Management Services

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When looking at your insurance back office, you might be trying to move toward a more paperless process. That isn’t always possible when you’re catering to a wide array of customers with distinct communication preferences. Effective print management services are critical to ensure that your customers are receiving their documents in a timely fashion and that any return mail is being processed effectively.

The best way to ensure that your print and mail is managed effectively is to roll these efforts into your larger BPO endeavors. When looking for a partner to manage your document processing services and insurance printing services, here are the five main things to keep in mind to make your mailing count.

1. Include Print in Your Existing Processes

If you opt to outsource your document processing services, you should be able to maintain process continuity.  A true outsourcing partner will ensure that your print mailing fits in with your capture, classification, and validation process. Any time you send or receive documents, you need to be able to capture and validate the information quickly, without adding additional complexity to your processes. When choosing a print and mailing management partner to support your back office services, ensure that they’re willing to work with you rather than creating an extra layer of complexity.

2. Have Full Visibility into Your Production Process

If you’re printing in house or at a local print shop, chances are you’re facing issues of paper jams, jobs getting left in the tray, and waiting on envelopes being stuffed. When looking at insurance BPO services for document processing and mail management, speak carefully to your provider and ensure that you’ll always be aware of where your documents are in the production process and that they’ll be delivered on-time.

3. Ensure That Your Branding is Always Present

Regardless of the document type, your brand should always be present. It’s estimated that by 2020 there will be 80 billion pieces of direct mail sent annually in the US, so you need to be sure that your pieces are standing out and look clean and professional. Whether it’s a single policy document or a fully-bound booklet, customized branding is critical on print mail pieces. An effective provider for insurance printing services will give you the ability to include brand elements on every printed piece, and even offer co-branding opportunities on larger pieces such as employee benefits booklets.

4. Manage Your Return Mailing Effectively

If your customers prefer to receive statements, policy documents, and forms via mail, chances are they also like to return their communication via mail. When identifying your print and mail management needs, don’t look just for someone who can send out letters and documents, but also manage return mailing. Make sure you’re notified if a communication receives a response or is returned to sender.

5. Keep Printed Insurance Information Secure

Your policyholder data, whether printed or digital, needs to be protected. Keeping data off-site with a reputable insurance BPO provider will help ensure that you’re creating layers of protection for your business and your customers. Your security processes should be taken into account and enhanced by your back office services partner. Your mail data can support and enhance your overall record-keeping, and an effective document processing services provider will leverage mail data to identify potential issues for individual policyholders.

Patra Document offers comprehensive print, mail, and document processing services to ensure that your print pieces are delivered on-time and to your quality standards. If you want to discuss your inbound and outbound mailing and how an insurance BPO provider can fit in, don’t hesitate to reach out.