Patra Academy

Developing new insurance talent.

The next generation of insurance experts.

Patra Academy is Patra's response to the insurance industry’s labor challenges, providing a pipeline of talented, trained and licensed staff to support insurance organizations across the country. Patra’s unique work-from-home model and job portability makes it possible for Patra staff to work from virtually anywhere, fitting the lifestyles of younger generations and families with unique circumstances.

Patra has placed Patra Academy locations near active duty military bases, allowing the company to match portable career opportunities with the unique needs of military spouses and veterans to create a win-win career development program. Patra Academy employees will emerge from the program with an insurance license, experience in insurance processing and a head-start on an insurance career. Developed as a way for Patra to meet staffing needs, it has become a corporate initiative and a “thank you” to those giving service to our country.

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Hiring the Very Best

Patra’s hiring strategy allows us to partner with career development programs on military bases to identify and recruit top talent.

A Career of Your Own

Patra Academy provides military spouses, veterans and individuals who are new to the insurance industry with a dynamic and professional career working for an innovative and rapidly growing company.

Paid Training

Patra Academy employees participate in a 12-month paid training program to earn their insurance license and learn the skills necessary to enjoy a long term career at Patra. After training, Patra employees can take their career with them to wherever their family is relocated*.

*Career relocation only valid for locations within the U.S.

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