Targeted, Strategic,
Carrier-Focused Solutions

As consumers demand more, you need a flexible partner.

As insurance shoppers continue to demand more, insurance companies must be flexible enough to respond to new distribution channels and technology options. Traditional contact center models can be inefficient and slow to change, which is why Patra’s model focuses on providing a scalable, experienced team that empowers your organization to test new methodologies, explore new technologies and implement change rapidly.

With the technology, personnel and insurance expertise to execute complex, customer-facing workflows and back them up with comprehensive processing capacity, Patra is uniquely capable, providing acquisition and customer experience solutions for a growing number of direct-writing organizations. Specialized services include policy acquisition, premium generation, customer retention and enhanced customer experience. Patra leverages experienced staff with proven technology to enable efficient transactions.

Patra addresses the entire life cycle of a policy with InsurTech that allows for effortless transacting at every phase, from acquiring the policy and managing customer service, to providing first notice of loss and renewal support.

Innovative recruiting for long term talent

Every company within the insurance industry is challenged to identify and recruit new talent. To find the quality required for the service customers expect, Patra has implemented an innovative national recruiting and hiring model that finds experienced talent with low turnover.

Unmatched flexibility

Patra is unmatched in the insurance industry in our flexibility to provide solutions. Whether the decision is utilizing carrier systems or developing new technology, or the choice to staff a home-based contact center model, Patra’s service architects create scalable solutions that can range from as few as six to hundreds of seats.

Modern, efficient distribution

Patra’s data-driven technology solutions streamline transactions throughout the customer life cycle. Patra’s software provides InsurTech automation for frictionless communication between broker and carrier systems, from first contact to supporting payment.

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carriers by selecting an option below:

Insurance Processing

Patra’s processing experts and consultants support carrier processing teams by handling high volumes of workflow and backlog, reducing the size of in-house processing departments and solving real staffing and workflow challenges with comprehensive solutions.

Acquisition & Customer Experience

Patra’s broad range of direct-to-consumer experience and our suite of services enable carriers to acquire policies, generate premium and retain customers more efficiently.

Insurance Technology

Patra’s carrier-specific technologies reduce the friction between systems, streamlining underwriting and distribution.

Insurance Printing & Mailing

Patra offers full-service mail fulfillment solutions, printing and mailing millions of insurance documents annually and providing options for document delivery.

We’ve answered our most frequently asked questions from carriers just like you.

Does Patra Provide Licensed Agents?

Yes. Patra is a corporately licensed brokerage in 50 states, employing more than 200 licensed agents.

What Volume of Premium Does Patra Write Annually?

Patra writes more than $32 million in new premium annually while managing more than $220 million in policy premium.

What Makes Patra Different?

Patra’s focus, flexibility and staff are our biggest differentiators. Patra is focused on insurance only, giving us a deep experience in the industry. Our team is flexible enough to allow a customer to start with a team as small as three operational seats. Finally, our staff of more than 200 licensed agents sets us apart from the competition.

Will You Work on Patra's Systems or Can You Work On Our Systems?

Depending on your needs, Patra can work on existing systems or deliver service support through our proprietary CRM and processing technology.

What is Patra's Turnover Rate?

Patra’s innovative recruitment, hiring and management systems result in turnover rates significantly lower than the industry average.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Many customers are experiencing the power of Patra.

The Patra Corporation has developed an outstanding reputation in the industry. They help to reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and/or projects which we all know, ‘time is money’ and happier clients too. Having the additional time has allowed my team to focus more on servicing the day-to-day requests of our clients and their employees. This is a top priority in our world!

HUB International
Michelle Cisneros | Director of Operations

Patra designed a workflow plan specific to our needs. Our average task processing time has decreased by 33%, our annual expenses related to outsourced activities have decreased roughly 55%, and Patra has helped us realize over $2.2M in aggregate expense savings to date. Our enhanced profitability has subsequently allowed us to accelerate reinvestment capital back into our aggressive growth initiatives.

Atlas General Insurance Services

During our partnership with Patra we have increased our certificate issuance by 25% and the volume of direct bill transactions by 29%, all while Patra maintains accuracy rates of 99%+. Simultaneously, as expense reductions are realized year to year, we not only create future investment capital but also enhance the overall value of Bolton & Company.

Bolton & Company
Steve Brockmeyer, ARM, CIC | President & CEO

As a small company, itu2019s paramount to maximize efficiency without any sacrifice of expertise, execution or excellent service. Patrau2019s attention to detail and accuracy has supported our ability to exponentially grow our customer and revenue base. We look forward to partnering with them for years to come.

Tangram Insurance Services
Jaimee Patane | Manager, Underwriting Operations

Since engaging with Patra, we have seen dramatic improvement in our efficiencies and processes and at a much lower cost. We experience growth numbers of over 30% each year, and are saving roughly 40% on our processing activities by using Patra. Patra has played a large role in helping our company get to where we are today, and they will continue to play a large role in our future growth.

Zane Goldthorp | CIOO