Insurance Services for MGAs

Enabling profitable growth and increased organizational value.

Build new and stronger client relationships.

Brokers and carriers demand more from MGAs while insureds expect exceptional levels of service. To remain competitive, it's vital for MGAs to combine complex and profitable underwriting services while maintaining strong relationships. Patra supports MGAs by delivering quality, timely services that can help you differentiate in this marketplace.

Patra is a premier provider of insurance processing and technology-enabled services for MGA’s, MGU’s, and Program Administrators. Patra serves as an extension of your team, leveraging experienced staff with proven technologies to support your teams and connect with the carriers and agents that rely on you.

Patra addresses the entire life cycle of a policy with technology that allows effortless transacting at every phase, from pre-binding to renewal.

Our Value to You

Patra frees your underwriting staff, allowing them to support relationships, focus on key accounts and work to the top of their potential. With Patra handling your quoting, invoicing and servicing, and delivering policies directly to insureds, you save time and money.

Our technology-enabled insurance services solve critical challenges faced by Managing General Underwriters, Managing General Agents and Program Administrators.

Meet deadlines.

Patra specialists work around-the-clock, in your management systems, handling up to 10,000 submissions per month with an accuracy rate over 99.9%.

Focus on customer facing tasks.

Patra’s dedicated team of policy issuance specialists support and handle general policies and program business.

Save time.

Patra streamlines the flow of transactions, reducing friction between systems and supporting the policy life cycle with data driven underwriting.

Reduce operating costs.

Patra's proprietary technology provides a common platform for disparate systems to interact, meaning that every phase of transaction is effortless, from pre-binding to renewal.

Solutions for all phases of the insurance lifecycle.

From tech-enabled back-office processing teams, to dedicated experts performing underwriting assistant services and/or contact center services, to Patra account managers servicing a book of small business on your behalf, to complete management of your virtual print and mail room, Patra has the solutions that help you drive growth, profit, and value.

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Property & Casualty Processing Services
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Employee Benefits Processing Services
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Small Account Managed Services
Underwriter Assist
Underwriter Assist

Supporting the Industry

The insurance industry is constantly evolving by innovating new products to protect consumers from risk, creating integrated systems to lower the cost of administering policies, and providing industry advocacy to ensure a stable future. Patra is proud to play a role in the future of insurance as we support and partner with some of the industry’s leading organizations and affiliations. The organizations listed are a few of the many industry affiliations and partnerships in which we invest our time, expertise and business as we support the insurance community.


Patra is committed to a customer-centric service delivery model and to always providing a positive customer experience. See what our customers think.

The team we work with is always very responsive and clearly focuses on providing stellar service. They have a true desire to handle things the way we need them to be done and take great pride in their work.

MGA Customer

We have partnered with Patra to manage an array of tasks and projects, keeping our team closer to revenue-generating activities and unencumbered by administrative items and simple data entry. Patra’s attention to detail and accuracy has supported our ability to exponentially grow our customer and revenue base. We look forward to partnering with them for years to come.

Tangram Insurance, MGA

Patra designed a workflow plan specific to our needs. Our average task processing time has decreased by 33%. Due to the efficiency gains and lower cost per hour our expenses related to outsourced activities have decreased by 55%. To date Patra has helped us realize over $3M in aggregate expense savings. The enhanced profitability allows us to accelerate reinvestment back into the business and improves our overall customer service experience.

Atlas General Insurance, MGA