Insurance Services for Wholesalers

Solving your workload challenges so your team can focus on building stronger relationships.

Drive efficiency to your business and value to your trading partners.

Like Patra, wholesale insurance brokers leverage specialization and expertise. By ensuring that virtually every risk is placed with speed and thoughtfulness, they're some of the heroes of insurance. Patra's wholesale broker clients find that our services let them focus on building stronger relationships with brokers and carriers and enable them to expand into new, specialized, and hard-to-place areas. Many of the same benefits that retail agencies and MGAs experience are shared by wholesale brokers – enhanced service levels, the ability to respond quicker and more effectively to submissions, and manageable workloads for account staff. Patra supports wholesale brokers, delivering quality, timely services that can help a firm differentiate itself in this challenging marketplace.

Wholesalers need to differentiate in this competitive market – closer relationships with carriers and brokers are the more effective way to stand out. With Patra as a provider of insurance processing and technology services, wholesalers can support broker teams and connect with the carriers and agents that rely on them.

Patra addresses the entire policy life cycle with technology that allows effortless transacting at every phase from submission and pre-binding to renewal and service.

Our Value to You

Patra’s processing experts and consultants support the wholesale broker business at every level, from managing submissions and pre-binding, to placement and renewals. Patra solves real-world workload challenges with comprehensive solutions.

Our technology-enabled insurance services solve critical challenges faced by insurance wholesalers.

Meet deadlines.

Patra specialists work around-the-clock, in your existing insurance management systems.

Focus on customer facing tasks.

Patra reduces your underwriters’ workloads so they can focus on delivering exceptional customer service.

Save time.

Patra builds a team tailored to your needs based on the processes and timing you require.

Reduce operating costs.

Patra works with your team to streamline workflows and provide documentation, all within your existing insurance management system.

Solutions for all phases of the insurance lifecycle.

From tech-enabled back-office processing teams, to dedicated experts performing underwriting assistant services and/or contact center services, to Patra account managers servicing a book of small business on your behalf, to complete management of your virtual print and mail room, Patra has the solutions that help you drive growth, profit, and value.

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Property & Casualty Processing Services
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Employee Benefits Processing Services
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Small Account Managed Services
Underwriter Assist
Underwriter Assist

Supporting the Industry

The insurance industry is constantly evolving by innovating new products to protect consumers from risk, creating integrated systems to lower the cost of administering policies, and providing industry advocacy to ensure a stable future. Patra is proud to play a role in the future of insurance as we support and partner with some of the industry’s leading organizations and affiliations. The organizations listed are a few of the many industry affiliations and partnerships in which we invest our time, expertise and business as we support the insurance community.


Patra is committed to a customer-centric service delivery model and to always providing a positive customer experience. See what our customers think.

The quality of the work and associated cost efficiencies are just two prime reasons for our success working with the Patra team. We are extremely happy with our experience and the results we’ve attained.

Wholesale Customer

After engaging Patra...INSUREtrust has seen dramatic improvement in our efficiencies and processes at a much lower cost...we experienced growth numbers of over 30%...and are saving roughly 40% on our processing activities.

Zane Goldthorp CIOO, INSUREtrust