Resources From Patra: Employee Benefits

Assist For EB

Patra Assist for Employee Benefits

EB Specialty

Employee Benefit Processing Services for Specialty Insurance

#15 Indexing (Website)


#14 Endorsement Checking (Website)

Endorsement Checking

#11 Doc RetrievaL (Website)

Document Retrieval

#10 Data Entry (Website)

Data Entry

#9 Eligibility Management (Website)

Eligibility Management

#7 Contact Center (Website)

Patra Direct Contact Center

#6 Commission DBR (Website)

Commission Posting & DBR

Line of printers in office building

Insurance Printing and Mailing for Employee Benefits

Patra Pro Talk

Patra’s Outsourcing Services Ease Open Enrollment Hurdles

Tech Graphic

Data Management: Data Entry, Data Migration, Data Clean Up