Patra In Action – Policy Checking

A mid-sized agency with a considerable challenge, a year-long backlog

A mid-sized agency in California came to Patra with a considerable challenge. Some of their account managers were so busy that they didn’t have the time or resources to check policies and therefore developed a year-long backlog of policies to be checked. This exposed the agency to huge E&O concerns.

Patra engaged with the agency to customize policy checking workflows in Applied Epic and implemented the service across all of their businesses. The solution was a huge success – Patra checked nearly 15,000 policies in the first two years alone.

Agency leadership is able to relax knowing policies are being checked thoroughly and in a consistent manner and in less than two weeks from receipt in the agency. The agency’s customer service has improved and their E&O exposure is significantly reduced.

About Patra

Patra is a leading provider of technology-enabled insurance outsourcing. Patra powers insurance processes by optimizing the application of people and technology, supporting insurance organizations as they sell, deliver, and manage policies and customers through our PatraOne platform. Patra’s global team of over 6,000 process executives in geopolitically stable and democratic countries that protect data allows agencies, MGAs, wholesalers, and carriers to capture the Patra Advantage – profitable growth and organizational value.

William Wagner, VP of Marketing

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William Wagner
Vice President, Marketing

William Wagner is responsible for Patra's Global Marketing and Inside Sales organization. With over twenty years of marketing and product management, William ensures that Patra's services, technology innovation, and brand are closely aligned with Patra's prospects and customers' needs to bring forth transformative change in how insurance solution are delivered, supported and managed.