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Patra’s Outsourcing Services Ease Open Enrollment Hurdles

Is the thought of open enrollment approaching overwhelming? With plans renewing year-end, it’s challenging to manage the peak volume to support your clients. Not to mention that your staff is spread thin, putting you at an increased risk of administrative processing errors and exposure to risk.
Let’s discuss how you can make this year different. 
In this recorded webinar we explore the following ways that Patra can support your employee benefits business:

  1. Ease your operational and staffing strain during open enrollment.
  2. Reduce turnover and hiring challenges.
  3. Enhance strategic planning and client relationships.
  4. Improve turnaround time while minimizing E&O exposure.

Host: Brooke Whitney, Employee Benefits Sales Solution Consultant

Brooke has over 15 years of experience in the Employee Benefits industry specializing in sales, development, and relationship management. Brooke spent the past 8 years at a retail agency and was responsible for account services management and managing a book of business including all lines of Employee Benefits. Brooke worked to bring a strategic focus to employee benefits, provided support on leveraging technologies to streamline benefit administration, ensure compliance with the ever-changing regulations inherent to Employee Benefits, and provide education/advocacy to her clients and their employees.

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