Policy Checking for the Modern Agency

Check policies with unsurpassed quality, accuracy, and efficiency.

Patra’s PolicyCheckingAI is the industry-leading solution designed to automate the tedious process of policy checking while reducing E&O exposure and ensuring the accuracy and quality of bound policies.

Leading Policy Checking Automation Through Advanced Technology

Featuring Patra’s proprietary, patent-pending technology which combines advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities with intuitive workflows and comprehensive policy checklists, Patra’s PolicyCheckingAI sets a new bar for checking policies with unsurpassed quality, accuracy and efficiency.

PolicyCheckingAI Advanced Automation

Example of PolicyCheckingAI

Patent-Pending Technology

Intuitive data extraction via patent-pending AI/ML technology

Standardized Workflow

Step-by-step workflow delivers consistent, high-quality output

Comprehensive Policy Review

Detailed review of policy header, coverage and limits, exposures and form schedules

Discrepancy Report & Summary

Color-coded report for easy review, research and reporting

Accuracy of Checked

Full- and Self-service

Agency Load & Backlog


Faster Than
Manual Processing


Calculate what PolicyCheckingAI can do for you!

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With PolicyCheckingAI, you have choices!

Our patented process prioritizes accuracy and completeness while reducing rework and review time for agencies. Leveraging Patra’s 900+ point checklist, discrepancies are quickly identified and shared via a color-coded, error report summary for account managers to easily scan and assess.

Full-service Solution (We Check)

Patra pushes the limits of today’s insurance technology offerings by combining our industry-leading, tech-enabled PolicyCheckingAI solution with a dedicated team of processing executives assigned to your business.

Your Patra team leverages its PolicyCheckingAI technology to manage every aspect of the process for you. They retrieve policy documents, meticulously compare results against your AMS, and even update your AMS and deliver the verified policy on your behalf. To further safeguard your operations, Patra also assumes the E&O risk associated with checking these policies.

Self-service Solution (You Check)

For agencies that prefer to handle this work internally, teams can now leverage the power of PolicyCheckingAI in-house. Patra’s new self-service version of PolicyCheckingAI has revolutionized the practice of policy checking, providing the most sophisticated AI-based automation available on the market, enabling in-house teams to check policies with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

By integrating advanced AI technology with an intuitive and user-friendly workflow, Patra’s self-service solution excels at extracting, comparing, and highlighting inaccuracies and discrepancies between multiple versions of a policy.​

Step-by-Step Automated Processing

PolicyCheckingAI Workflow Process

Compare Patra's Policy Checking Solutions

Understanding the complexities and unique needs of each agency and each policy, Patra provides two service options for its advanced Policy Checking solution:

  1. A full-service solution wherein our insurance experts serve as human’s-in-the loop to manage and oversee the entire process, or
  2. A self-service solution to check policies in-house with greater speed and accuracy.

PolicyCheckingAI Workflow Comparison

Patra develops solutions that are both flexible and scalable, ensuring that we can tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. If you find that our PolicyCheckingAI technology or self-service version does not fully address your policy checking needs, please reach out to us. We offer a range of other solutions, including traditional manual policy checking performed by our experienced team, or a hybrid approach that combines the best aspects of manual, automated and/or self-service processing. No matter your preference, Patra is committed to providing a solution that optimizes accuracy, efficiency, and reliability for your agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any PDF document. Examples include policies, quotes, binders, applications, and proposals.

Patra has purpose-built, insurance-specific AI capabilities to extract and compare insurance data from unstructured sources. This goes far beyond “AI-based chatbots”, no prompts required… Contact us to learn more about how PolicyCheckingAI can assist with your policy checking needs!

No. We have found that our approach scales across thousands of document variances regardless of carriers/lines of business. RPA (“bots”) cannot scale to solve for data extraction in complex insurance documents.

PolicyCheckingAI is purpose-built for commercial lines insurance, covering over 90% of commercial lines carriers.

Contact us to learn more.

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Ready to experience the PolicyCheckingAI advantage?

Ready to experience the PolicyCheckingAI advantage?

Ready to learn more about Patra’s Policy Checking solutions? Contact us today to explore your policy checking potential.