Benefit Comparison Spreadsheets

Benefit comparison spreadsheets are a great tool for use in renewal meetings, but take time to create. Don’t have that time? We do!

Patra can help you navigate the renewal season by creating benefit comparison

spreadsheets for your clients.

Employee benefits can change year to year. Benefit comparison spreadsheets allow you to quickly communicate these changes during renewal meetings. These spreadsheets provide employers and employees a high-level overview of the current benefits compared with alternate plan designs, including financial comparisons, and other changes that may have occurred over the previous year.

Benefit comparison spreadsheets are a great tool, but creating the spreadsheet can take considerable time and effort. That’s where Patra comes in! We can create benefit comparison spreadsheets for you, making them ready for you before renewal meetings. Patra’s benefit comparison spreadsheet service enables you to deliver a more seamless open enrollment experience for your clients and their employees!

When your clients need benefit comparison spreadsheets, turn to Patra. We save you time by doing the work for you.

If you find that information gathering and data entry is time consuming, Patra’s spreadsheet service is the solution. Our process is easy, efficient, and accurate. You can initiate a new spreadsheet in your agency management system or via email. After we receive your request, we will gather plan information from the carrier, input that data into your agency’s branded spreadsheet, and review for accuracy. We can highlight specific information, include percentage change in price, and fulfill additional requests as necessary. We will return the completed spreadsheet to your account manager so they are ready for any upcoming renewal meetings. 

Take work efficiency to the next level with Patra.

Benefit comparison spreadsheets are a key tool in helping your clients and their employees make the right decision come open enrollment. Our in-house Quality Assurance team verifies the information and data included in your spreadsheet, ensuring accuracy. We use your internal, agency-branded spreadsheet to maintain visual consistency. We handle it all, helping you work better and faster than ever before.

Patra’s benefit comparison spreadsheet service gives account managers more time to focus on client-facing tasks at the height of the busy season.

The renewal period is often the busiest of the year. You can spend the majority of your time gathering, entering, and verifying data—or you can let Patra do the work for you! Just let us know when you need a benefit comparison spreadsheet. We’ll deliver you a completed, agency-branded spreadsheet for use in renewal meetings.