Certificate of Insurance Processing Services

Streamlined processing services for efficient and reliable delivery of certificates.

Certificate Processing
and Issuance with Patra

Patra provides insurance organizations with an expert team that will complete the entire certificate processing and issuance task – allowing you to focus on growth, securing appropriate coverages, and providing risk management services. At Patra we offer a variety of delivery methods and provide completed certificates in as little as two hours, and bulk renewals accomplished in just two days.

We process certificates so you can focus on more profitable activities.

Processing certificates of insurance is an important service that provides certificate holders with proof of insurance coverage. But the process of verifying and distributing certificates is time consuming. Agency account managers can spend the majority of their work day on certificate processing alone. Patra takes certificate processing off your desks, allowing agency staff to focus on revenue- and growth-generating activities.

Our certificate processing service is a true end-to-end solution which makes the entire process convenient and fast. You, or your insured, can initiate a certificate request, and Patra will process and deliver the certificate for you.

With Patra, you get an expert team that does all the work for you— quick, accurate, and consistent certificate processing so your agency can focus on growth, securing appropriate coverages and providing risk management services.


We issued more than 4 million certificates in 2020 alone. It’s not uncommon for us to issue 10,000+ certificates per month for just one client. We can clear certificate backlogs in a fraction of the time.


Our certificate of insurance accuracy rate is greater than 99%. When we check a certificate, we do so in detail, cross referencing key information and coverage items against source documents. Delivering accurate certificates to certificate holders is a key component of protecting your agency against claims.

Why do leading insurance agencies choose Patra for their certificate processing?

We free up time so you can focus on growth and revenue
Our approach to certificate issuance is designed to help reduce errors and risk exposure during processing
We offer fast turnaround times—get a completed certificate in as little as two hours

Patra streamlines certificate of insurance processing and delivery. Here is how we do it:

Receive Certificate Request

We process certificate requests via email or within your agency management system (AMS).

Create Certificate

Your Patra certificate processing team generates the certificate based upon the contract request.

Check Certificate Against Applicable Endorsements and Forms

We double check the certificate against the certificate issuance document and the request before sending. Before issuing the certificate, our QA team also reviews to ensure a thorough check.

Deliver Certificate

You decide the certificate delivery method. We can deliver certificates directly to the certificate holder or to your agency.

We offer three certificate delivery methods to choose from:

  • Email: We send certificates on your agency’s behalf via your email system. That’s right—any email that we send to your customers looks like it came directly from your agency, with your desired verbiage and branding.
  • Print & Mail: Patra’s in-house print shop prints 3.5 million certificates annually. We can print and mail directly to the certificate holder.
  • CertVault: CertVault is our cloud-based platform. We upload completed certificates that your agency or your certificate holder can access from anywhere.

Our certificate of insurance processing service is efficient and accurate.

The volume of certificates that insurance agencies must process can quickly become impractical to manage in-house. Patra can take the work off your plate, and in many cases process and deliver the certificates more efficiently than ever before.

We can process certificates in as little as two hours.

Our certificate turnaround time is among the best in the industry. Some policy holders, such as those in commercial construction or trucking, require certificates at a moment's notice. We can accommodate rush requests, providing a certificate in as little as two hours. We can also process bulk renewals in just 48 hours.

Whether you require a one-off certificate or have a backlog that numbers in the thousands, Patra’s certificate processing is the solution.

Elevate the customer experience with seamless integration.

Patra is a true extension of your agency. You get a dedicated, agency-specific team that gets to know your clients and how you want work done. We deliver the certificate of insurance on your behalf, using your email or delivery system. Every customer correspondence looks like it came directly from you! You can even choose to allow customers to initiate certificate requests, with a designated email inbox that forwards to our team. You don’t have to play middleman—we handle the process from start to finish and your customers benefit from streamlined service.

Comprehensive certificate of insurance processing solutions available to your agency.

  • Dedicated Patra team
  • Accurate and efficient review to catch discrepancies
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Scaled to your agency’s needs
  • Streamlined workflows
  • No hourly minimums, hidden fees, or long-term contracts

Save time and money: streamline your certificate of insurance process with Patra.

Certificate processing can be a major headache. It takes time and requires considerable effort. Insurance agencies may face claims for insureds or certificate holders because they cannot adequately manage certificate of insurance processing in-house. Leading agencies turn to Patra for efficient and reliable certificate processing that saves time and money.