Innovating the Certificate
Delivery Process

A new industry standard for certificate of insurance processing and delivery.

CertVault by Patra

Making certificate processing and delivery more flexible, convenient, and efficient.

Today’s insurers are embracing change and moving towards a more agile, secure, and digitally enabled operating model. For those companies embracing the digital transformation to achieve a competitive advantage, Patra offers full-service certificate processing, leveraging CertVault - a proprietary cloud-based certificate repository, providing instant access to certificates of insurance for brokers, holders, carriers, and insureds.

The all-in-one digital platform is specifically designed to streamline certificate processing and issuance, enhancing the customer experience, reducing cost, and eliminating delivery risks inherent in today’s print and mail process. Applying robotic data extraction and blockchain technology, certificate information is seamlessly converted and stored in CertVault for secure digital delivery.

Save Time and Costs

Certificate processing and distribution is a high demand, manual process for agencies, and when you add up the numbers, it is costly in both time and money. By leveraging Patra’s certificate processing and digital delivery solution, your agency will increase organizational efficiency, reduce operational costs, and provide a high-performing digital experience for your customers.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers are demanding faster results, including easier access to the documentation of their insurance transactions. With Patra, you can give everyone - agencies, insureds, certificate holders - what they want: 24/7 access to obtain and distribute certificates of insurance on any device.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Patra’s full-service certificate processing solution streamlines all elements of the certificate of insurance process - from template creation and management to delivery, using CertVault. Our customizable workflow, advanced technology, and remote workforce operate in tandem, around the clock, to ensure certificate accuracy and compliance, and accelerated delivery.

CertVault's Digital Workflow

Workflow of CertVault's Digital Workflow

CertVault is changing the industry standard.

Change the way you and your insureds access and distribute certificates of insurance. Request a demo today.