Patra for Property & Casualty (P&C)

Find operational efficiency and grow your insurance organization.

Property & Casualty Solutions for any Agency

P&C insurance is at the heart of most growing agencies. It's complex, requiring knowledge, attention to detail and experience. Patra's P&C solutions deliver consistent and reliable results, cost efficiency and process optimization. Agencies focused on growth choose Patra to power their processing.

Insurance Processing that Drives Value

Maximizing organizational value is vital to any organization. Patra's experienced insurance professionals reduce your staff's workload, improving efficiency, increasing productivity and growing top-line revenue.

Patra-powered agencies realize:

  • Increased top-line revenue
  • Standardized workflows
  • Reduced staff workload
  • Process efficiency and consistency
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
Patra OnDemand

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Small Account Solutions for Growth

Successful management of small business accounts is often the difference between high and low growth agencies. Patra's flexible Select model provides options for your P&C books, both personal and commercial lines.

Patra Select customers receive:

  • Comprehensive account management
  • Guaranteed profit margins
  • Increased capacity for existing staff
  • Proven account rounding and new business support
  • Complete control over all accounts
Patra Select

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Don’t just take our word for it.

Many customers are experiencing the power of Patra.

Patra designed a workflow plan specific to our needs. Our average task processing time has decreased by 33%, our annual expenses related to outsourced activities have decreased roughly 55%, and Patra has helped us realize over $2.2M in aggregate expense savings to date. Our enhanced profitability has subsequently allowed us to accelerate reinvestment capital back into our aggressive growth initiatives.

Atlas General Insurance Services
Ryan Clarkson, COO

During our partnership with Patra we have increased our certificate issuance by 25% and the volume of direct bill transactions by 29%, all while Patra maintains accuracy rates of 99%+. Simultaneously, as expense reductions are realized year to year, we not only create future investment capital but also enhance the overall value of Bolton & Company.

Bolton & Company
Steve Brockmeyer, ARM, CIC | President & CEO

The Patra Corporation has developed an outstanding reputation in the industry. They help to reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and/or projects which we all know, ‘time is money’ and happier clients too. Having the additional time has allowed my team to focus more on servicing the day-to-day requests of our clients and their employees. This is a top priority in our world!

HUB International
Michelle Cisneros | Director of Operations

As a small company, it's paramount to maximize efficiency without any sacrifice of expertise, execution or excellent service. Patra's attention to detail and accuracy has supported our ability to exponentially grow our customer and revenue base. We look forward to partnering with them for years to come.

Tangram Insurance Services
Jaimee Patane | Manager, Underwriting Operations

Since engaging with Patra, we have seen dramatic improvement in our efficiencies and processes and at a much lower cost. We experience growth numbers of over 30% each year, and are saving roughly 40% on our processing activities by using Patra. Patra has played a large role in helping our company get to where we are today, and they will continue to play a large role in our future growth.

Zane Goldthorp | CIOO

Have questions?

Learn more about how you can increase organizational efficiency
and grow your books.

What Size Agencies Benefit From Patra Solutions?

Patra works with some of the largest brokers and agencies in the world- and with small two and three employee shops. Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of an agency, not a one-size-fits-all product. The insurance industry is heavily process-driven. Patra helps every type of insurance company ensure that processing is efficient, accurate and timely.

How Long Does It Take To Be Up and Running With Patra?

With the experience of onboarding over 280 customers, we have developed a thoughtful, organized, and sophisticated implementation program. Most of our customers have our services activated in 6-8 weeks, though pace is dictated by the individual client.

Can Patra Help Streamline My Workflow?

Yes, Patra has a library of best practice workflows for nearly every back-office insurance process. We work with your team to either tweak existing processes to make them more efficient, or we can suggest ways to entirely revamp your back-office workflows.

Should We Start With A Particular Service or Services?

We offer a variety of services and always suggest beginning with the ones that will make the biggest difference to your business. Often, firms seek ways to immediately improve process efficiency and for a positive financial impact. Agencies, for example, find that policy checking, certificate issuance, and document download are the most effective processes to implement. These services instantly give your account staff more time in their day, allowing them to work to the top of their job descriptions.

Will I Still Have Control of My Small Accounts While Utilizing Patra Select Services?

Yes. Your accounts will always be your accounts. Your agency will hold the Broker of Record and all data will reside within your existing Agency Management System. Patra's licensed account managers will work as an extension of your team. All work is white labeled and configured to your agency brand, with no perceived change to the insured.