Premium Payment Automation

All-in-one digital platform for insurance premium financing and payment processing.


Premium finance and pay-in-full transactions in one convenient platform.

PatraPay is a digital payment solution designed to modernize the billing and payment experience between premium finance companies, their agency partners, and the insurance policy buyer. The all-in-one platform automates the entire premium finance and payment processes. Whether paying in full or financing premium(s), PatraPay replaces a traditionally antiquated model prone to payment and binding delays, fees, and errors in reconciliation. PatraPay’s white label integration drives scalability, increases ROI, and provides a competitive advantage in a digital consumer landscape.

By leveraging PatraPay, you adopt an innovative and customer-centric payment processing model that provides cost savings, increased premium volume, and fast-tracked cash flow for you and your clients.

Reduce Administrative Time and Cost

Premium payments, traditionally processed manually, are a high volume, high priority touchpoint between finance companies, insurance agencies and policyholders. Automating this critical task reduces processing time by as much as 85%, provides up to 75% in cost savings per transaction, and enables agencies to pass processing fees back to their insureds.

Elevate Customer Experience

Insurance agencies are increasingly being expected to provide automated, digital, convenient, and instant customer experiences for their insureds. PatraPay enables insurance agencies to easily collect full or financed premiums, endorsements, mid-term audits or fees through one single platform accessible to insureds online or mobile, 24/7.

Improve Business Continuity

Recent global events and economic uncertainties have accelerated the need for digital insurance workflows and contactless customer support interactions. PatraPay removes the dependency of dedicated on-premise staff and resources to accept and process payment transactions. Its intuitive interface, flexible payment options, and advanced reporting features streamline pay-in-full and premium finance processing into one centralized platform.

One Single Solution

Four payment processing applications into one unified platform.

PatraPay Solutions

PatraPay makes the billing and payments cycle automated, simple, and flexible.

Experience PatraPay’s seamless integration and digital features designed to transform your premium payment processing. Request a demo today.