Property & Casualty Services for Agencies

We are one of the insurance industry’s leading P&C services providers, and can take your agency to the next level.

Patra’s services change the way P&C organizations do business.

Document Retrieval is just the start of our end-to-end P&C solution.

Patra can manage your carrier website and AMS logins to retrieve critical policy information as soon as it's available.

But we can take this further with our comprehensive document management solution:

  • Indexing: We index retrieved documents, and then name and file them according to your standard naming conventions.
  • Activity Set-Up: We then create workflows that suit your operational behaviors in processing policy documents by creating new tasks or activities within your AMS.
  • Document Issuance: Patra delivers flexible workflows enabling your agency to set up who, when, and how documents are issued and delivered.

You don’t have time for Policy Checking

but we do!

When policies are created or renewed, they should be checked for accuracy and consistency. If not, insurance agencies face tremendous risk—just one error could result in a claim against you, customer mistrust, and hours of backtracking to fix the problem.

Patra’s policy checking services do the work for you. Our services are consistent, detailed, and easily accessible. We work around the clock and can check one policy, or hundreds at a time. We can even help you clear backlogs, allowing your staff to focus on more pressing and profitable tasks.

Our Endorsement Processing services prevent backlogs & logistical bottlenecks.

  1. As with document retrieval, we manage the carrier website and AMS logins, retrieving critical policy information as soon as it becomes available.
  2. We check your endorsements for accuracy against your request to the carrier.
  1. We then tailor to your operational behaviors in processing your policy documents by creating new tasks or activities within your AMS.
  2. Lastly, Patra delivers flexible workflows which enable your agency to define who, when and how documents are issued.

Data Entry services that improve efficiency and reduce E&O risk.

With flexible and scalable capacity, we take on a multitude of data entry workflows prioritizing your business needs and timelines. This allows your team to focus less on data and more on strategic and revenue-generating tasks.

Data entry, migration and clean-up tasks we can manage include:

  • Applications
  • New business data entry
  • Quoting and proposals
  • Professional license verification
  • And More!
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Certificate Processing services that allow you to focus on profitable tasks.

Agency account managers can spend the majority of their work day on certificate processing alone. Patra takes certificate processing off your desks with a true end-to-end solution which makes the entire process convenient and fast. This allows your agency staff to focus on revenue- and growth-generating activities.

With Patra, you can take your P&C organization to the next level.

Our P&C services deliver a truly start-to-finish solution for your policy administration functions. From document retrieval to certificate processing, each process combines into a unified workflow which improves operational efficiency, elevates the customer experience, and raises your bottom line.

Are you ready to find out how Patra can take your business to new levels of success?