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Increasing Revenue from Small Insurance Accounts

There may be untapped potential revenue in your book of small accounts, they may not remain small

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3 Reasons Health Insurance Brokers Should Consider BPOs

When juggling a wide array of group coverages, health insurance brokers have a lot on their plate

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How Secure Is Your Customer Data?

While digitization is undeniably improving the way we live, it also places our personal data ...

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3 Insurance Industry Trends to Watch in 2020

A new year has begun, and it’s the perfect time to look forward and anticipate what’s coming next

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Insurance BPO Industry 2019 Recap: What We Learned

The last year has been a great one for Patra, and for the insurance industry as a whole

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Your Insurance Agency Brand through the Customer Lifecycle

When it comes to running your insurance business, you have a lot on your plate

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Improving Insurance Customer Experience on Every Channel

Customer Service vs. Customer Experience: Making the Distinction

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Why Renewals are So Critical to Your Insurance Business

Genuine growth isn’t possible without consistent insurance renewals and overall customer loyalty

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How Insurance BPOs Make Loss Run Ordering More Efficient

Loss run reports are a critical element of insurance processing

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How Can InsurTech Help Grow Your Insurance Business?

It can be hard to keep pace with digital innovation while keeping a focus on growing your business

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3 Benefits of Outsourcing Insurance Claims Processing

Working with an insurance outsourcing partner for claims can help your business exceed expectations

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Staffing Your Insurance Business During & After the Holidays

You’re likely faced with your team going on vacation and using up that accrued PTO before it expires

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Challenges of outsourcing insurance print and mail services

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for Insurance Print and Mail Management Services

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Working from Home: The New Normal

Not that long ago, the possibility of employees to working from home sounded like a far-fetched idea

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The Real Cost of Recruiting & Hiring Insurance Professionals

On top of turnover, insurance faces a unique challenge in that the workforce is rapidly greying

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How to Boost Your Insurance Agency’s Customer Experience

An elevated customer experience means ensuring customers’ needs are met before there’s a problem

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