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About Patra

Making a difference for our customers and our industry.


Powering insurance processes.

Leveraging people and technology.

Patra was founded to enable insurance brokers to issue certificates faster and more efficiently. As the industry has evolved, we’ve expanded to serve retail agencies (including commercial lines, personal lines and employee benefits), MGAs, wholesalers, and carriers, with more than 160 distinct services. We also offer omni-channel contact center customer experience and acquisition capabilities.

In addition to process automation and account management services, Patra is a leader in applying technology to insurance applications. From virtual collaboration and workforce solutions to machine learning, AI and bots, Patra applies proven technology on behalf of servicing clients.

Today, we’re focused on creating growth and efficiency for our partners to maximize the value of their organizations— that’s the Patra Advantage.

The Power of Patra is Our Global Network

3,600+ Team Members
6 Global Processing Centers

Patra’s global team of experts deliver the Patra Advantage – efficient, profitable growth and organizational value – to retail brokers, MGAs, wholesalers, and carriers alike. With over 3,400 team members across the globe, 6 dedicated processing centers and distributed contact centers, we’ve built a team that works, communicates and delivers seamlessly to support our clients.

Image of Patra's Global reach; international map.

Where Company Meets Culture

Supporting Industry Innovation

Patra's customers share a common trait- the desire to innovate and remain leaders in their fields. Their dedication to working with us to find better, more efficient and profitable ways of working is inspiring. Patra delivers experience, technology and workflow tools that address challenges facing the insurance industry and the unique needs of carriers, brokers, MGAs and wholesalers.

One Global Patra

Patra knows that we are only as good as the professionals who deliver the services to our customers. Employing more than 3,400 globally, Patra is committed to providing our staff the industry’s most comprehensive training and continuing education while offering a competitive benefits package, comfortable working environment and growth opportunities. We're one company, globally.

Active in Our Communities

Corporate social responsibility is a key component of Patra, reaching back to our founding. With a philanthropic organization dedicated to supporting military families, an employee giving campaign and belief that our employees should be active members of their communities, Patra lives its commitment to being a global company through local actions.

Leading the Industry

As insurance is constantly changing, to remain an industry leader it's important to be involved in the advocacy of our industry. Patra partners with influential organizations to drive innovation. By taking part in those conversations, we add our voice and help shape where the industry is heading.

Top Insurance Workplace

Leading industry publication Insurance Business America features Patra in its 2019 Top Insurance Workplaces report. Patra was one of only 53 companies recognized as a “Top Place to Work in Insurance” from the hundreds of companies that participated in the survey. Employees from organizations across the whole of the industry were asked to share what they like and dislike about their workplaces, from benefits, to availability of resources, to management.

Team Member Spotlight

Name: Nadiminti Sekhar

Role: Process Executive 3

Reason for Working at Patra:

"Patra's reputation in the BPO industry is good and I am proud to work for a company with such an excellent track record and a strong example of leadership in the industry. The company culture and values make me want to continue here for a long time."

What One Patra Means to You:

"One Patra means a platform where all the employees work together from different parts of world with the ONE goal to provide the best possible service to our clients."

Tamie Ruzick

Team Member Spotlight

Name: Tamie Ruzick

Role: Print Services Manager

Reason for Working at Patra:

"Patra is constantly growing and bringing new and informative options to our customers. I like being a part of the process and I enjoy working to better our customers' processes. "

What One Patra Means to You:

"One Patra means always having a team of people to work with to support our customers' needs, and so many great minds to bounce ideas around with to get the best outcome for our customers. The Patra teams, whether near or far, are a great group of people to work with."

Sanjana Singh

Team Member Spotlight

Name: Sanjana Singh

Role: Process Executive 2

Reason for Working at Patra:

"Patra has a wonderful reputation as a great place to work. Patra places high value on employees and encourage them to learn, grow, and innovate inside the company. This means that employees happily work here for many years, far beyond the average length with one employer. The high quality of work and service reflect high employee satisfaction, which is not surprising. This feels like a win-win-win for employees, and customers, and I’m lucky that I’m a part of the Patra family. "

What One Patra Means to You:

"One Patra is not just a thought, we’re a group of individuals who are geographically separate yet working for a common goal: to satisfy our clients. While working here, I get to know that a company can work like a family, where every member is equal."

Kheluram Verma

Team Member Spotlight

Name: Kheluram Verma

Role: Process Executive 3

Reason for Working at Patra:

"Patra is an organization that gives me a platform to utilize my skills and enrich my knowledge. Patra encourages me to incorporate growth with initiative and managerial skills to excel in this dynamic corporate environment."

What One Patra Means to You:

"One Patra is to serve the people globally irrespective of place, culture, language and religion, which encourages employees to perform at top levels and creates a sense of solidarity and loyalty."

Barbara Zito

Team Member Spotlight

Name: Barbara Zito

Role: Client Consultant, OnDemand Retail

Reason for Working at Patra:

"There are many reasons. It started, while I worked for a competitor, with me wanting to be a part of a company that truly cares about their clients. A company that is flexible, knowledgeable and always spoken of as a role model. That’s why I applied here. As to why I want to be at Patra’s all the same reasons as before, but now it’s so much more. I love being a part of an amazing team, where everyone truly cares about each other. Love the tools given to us to ensure we can do our best for our clients, feel a part of the family at Patra. And love working with people who have become my friends."

What One Patra Means to You:

"When I think of One Patra, I think of a company that is global, but with the same goal and vision throughout. A company that cares about its employees and clients enough to invest in continued education and opportunities for personal growth of the team. We do so many things for our clients, can address so many needs and in so many different ways...whether it’s P&C, or EB, retail, wholesale or carrier, we have the capability of addressing clients’ requirements ensuring they can focus on revenue generating activities and on developing their team all while the necessary back office work is done properly and promptly by a super team throughout different parts of the country and the world."

ABB. Sowndarya

Team Member Spotlight

Name: ABB. Sowndarya

Role: Process Executive 3

Reason for Working at Patra:

"I've seen Patra consistently listed as one of the best places to work in Vizag. Patra always encourages employees to develop new skills & talent. I feel that I am working for a great multinational company where all the employees are treated as equal."

What One Patra Means to You:

"For me, One Patra means we all are ONE TEAM where we coordinate with each other, even though we are from different states, cities and locations. We all are connected with a commitment to make our customers happy."

Melissa Davis

Team Member Spotlight

Name: Melissa Davis

Role: Client Consultant, OnDemand Employee Benefits

Reason for Working at Patra:

"Patra affords me the ability to work from home and as my career continues, there are many reasons I continue to call Patra home: leadership’s dedication to diversity and inclusion, leadership's commitment to our success, and we are empowered by innovative ideas and technology to be the very best in our field."

What One Patra Means to You:

"One Patra to me is the culture we have embraced across the globe. It is the prevailing thread that has woven us together to be the best stewards for our customers and each other. "

Team Member Spotlight

Name: Jenn Stansell

Role: Account Manager, Select

Reason for Working at Patra:

"I work for Patra because aside from being the fastest growing privately held company in the industry with a focus on technology and innovation, which brings relief to many of our agency partners by meeting the needs of their clients with our services, Patra’s values deeply resonate with me, particularly the work life balance needs of women in the insurance industry. "

What One Patra Means to You:

"One Patra means that employees are engaged with the company, with our agency partners, and most importantly, with each other, as we support each other in our efforts to bring the best service to our clients with each and every interaction and continue to grow as a company. Whether that is support in the background, or providing the tools to learn a new skill, or lending experience to one another, every employee at Patra is actively engaged in one common core goal, every day."


Patra In Action

When we work together with our customers, communities and employees, we all thrive.