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About Patra

Making a difference for our customers and our industry.

Powering insurance processes.

Leveraging people and technology.

Patra was founded to enable insurance brokers to issue certificates faster and more efficiently. As the industry has evolved, we’ve expanded to serve retail agencies (including commercial lines, personal lines and employee benefits), MGAs, wholesalers, and carriers, with more than 160 distinct services. We also offer omni-channel contact center customer experience and acquisition capabilities.

In addition to process automation and account management services, Patra is a leader in applying technology to insurance applications. From virtual collaboration and workforce solutions to machine learning, AI and bots, Patra applies proven technology on behalf of servicing clients.

Today, we’re focused on creating growth and efficiency for our partners to maximize the value of their organizations— that’s the Patra Advantage.

The Power of Patra is Our Global Network

3,200 Team Members
6 Global Processing Centers

Patra’s global team of experts deliver the Patra Advantage – efficient, profitable growth and organizational value – to retail brokers, MGAs, wholesalers, and carriers alike. With over 3,200 team members across the globe, 6 dedicated processing centers and distributed contact centers, we’ve built a team that works, communicates and delivers seamlessly to support our clients.

Image of Patra's Global reach; international map.

Where Company Meets Culture

Supporting Industry Innovation

Patra's customers share a common trait- the desire to innovate and remain leaders in their fields. Their dedication to working with us to find better, more efficient and profitable ways of working is inspiring. Patra delivers experience, technology and workflow tools that address challenges facing the insurance industry and the unique needs of carriers, brokers, MGAs and wholesalers.

One Global Patra

Patra knows that we are only as good as the professionals who deliver the services to our customers. Employing more than 3,200 globally, Patra is committed to providing our staff the industry’s most comprehensive training and continuing education while offering a competitive benefits package, comfortable working environment and growth opportunities. We're one company, globally.

Active in Our Communities

Corporate social responsibility is a key component of Patra, reaching back to our founding. With a philanthropic organization dedicated to supporting military families, an employee giving campaign and belief that our employees should be active members of their communities, Patra lives its commitment to being a global company through local actions.

Leading the Industry

As insurance is constantly changing, to remain an industry leader it's important to be involved in the advocacy of our industry. Patra partners with influential organizations to drive innovation. By taking part in those conversations, we add our voice and help shape where the industry is heading.

Top Insurance Workplace

Leading industry publication Insurance Business America features Patra in its 2019 Top Insurance Workplaces report. Patra was one of only 53 companies recognized as a “Top Place to Work in Insurance” from the hundreds of companies that participated in the survey. Employees from organizations across the whole of the industry were asked to share what they like and dislike about their workplaces, from benefits, to availability of resources, to management.

Team Member Spotlight

Name: Miki Surock

Role: Associate Broker

Reason for Working at Patra:

"I was attracted to the fact that this is a family-oriented company. I also like a challenge and want to further my insurance career with a company that is consistently growing. I look forward to working every day!"

What One Patra Means to You:

"I love the fact that our company believes in real TEAM WORK. "

Team Member Spotlight

Name: Arathi Raju

Role: Senior Manager, Quality & Process Improvement

Reason for Working at Patra:

"Patra believes in me and always strives to develop my skills, so I can better serve our customers. I am grateful that Patra recognizes the effort and hard work of its employees and provides a path for career advancement. "

What One Patra Means to You:

"At Patra we call ourselves a family. Every employee level and every department work together to provide the best services to our customers. “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” That is One Patra to me. "

Team Member Spotlight

Name: Srinivas Chitturi

Role: Manager Development, India Team

Reason for Working at Patra:

"Patra is a place where one can work passionately, where process and development workflows are well defined, and there is always a scope for learning. Agile methodologies and cutting-edge technologies at Patra give me an opportunity to better serve clients and I have always witnessed a collaborative culture and a management which is focused on growth of its people and the organization. It is my privilege to work at Patra with a talented and motivated team."

What One Patra Means to You:

"One Patra means many teams and many cultures work as one team to focus on customer satisfaction and growth. "

Team Member Spotlight

Name: Mary Husk

Role: Client Consultant

Reason for Working at Patra:

"After serving for many years, in various capacities, in the insurance industry, I found the perfect match with Patra. Working with clients and our teams in India to provide solutions for our clients’ service needs is very rewarding. Additionally, Patra provides a very positive work environment and organizational culture that gives its employees many opportunities to be innovative, think out of the box, and always have a voice. I love that Patra promotes work-life balance, good health, and overall wellness. "

What One Patra Means to You:

"One Patra means engaging the collaborative and collective talents of all its employees, in the U.S. and internationally, to provide world-class service to our agency and company partners and the insurance industry as a whole. "

Team Member Spotlight

Name: Joga Pravalika

Role: Process Executive 2

Reason for Working at Patra:

"Patra’s management always considers my thoughts and encourages me when I need support, which helps me deliver my best quality work. I am proud to say that Patra has helped me build confidence and has enhanced my decision-making skills in critical situations, making me an even better asset to our customers. Patra is considered one of the most reputable companies in Vizag and it is a privilege to work for them. "

What One Patra Means to You:

"One Patra means multitasking. I’ve learned the importance of focused work, social relationships with coworkers and the value of corporate social responsibility. Patra plays a vital role in my personal and professional life, making me a better person both at work and at home. "

Team Member Spotlight

Name: Steven Rose

Role: Team Lead, Patra Select

Reason for Working at Patra:

"Patra brings innovation and a forward-thinking mentality to an industry that often is stuck in its ways. Ideas and suggestions on how processes can be improved are not only welcomed but encouraged. "

What One Patra Means to You:

"One Patra means bridging the gaps between states, regions, countries, languages and cultures to form a strong and effective team to meet all our customers’ needs. "


Patra In Action

When we work together with our customers, communities and employees, we all thrive.